The Young of 2018


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The Tea Rooms

The Young of 2018

  • LOL Ian, great photos of your spotty robin  !

  • Awww great to see the baby crane,  guessing Slimbridge and not from your back garden  LOL

  • Grey Heron

  • Paul A

    Grey Heron

    Brilliantly clear photos Paul.

  • Two female Tufties leading ducklings through very weedy water. I wonder if it's mum and auntie. I know that with some species other family members help out with raising offspring but I don't know if Tufted Ducks do it. When they are alert I've noticed that they stretch their necks which makes them look rather different from the dumpy little duck we are used to.

  • Great to see the Tufted ducks and offspring;  I'm guessing the males are like the mallards and once breeding is over they gather together in male groups (pre moult - safety in numbers as they say)   as the females and their chicks take over the nursery duties.    

  • As I was replying this youngster appeared on the waterfall - the first I've seen and the Bullfinches haven't let us down yet :)    they do tend to be the last youngsters to show each year and glad this one made it to this post !

    (taken through window with the 300mm )

    spotted the camera  lol      and then it was off !      Hope there's more than one as they usually produce at least three successfully.

  • How lovely to see him, Hazel. Let's hope there are more where he came from.

    This reminded me that when I went to Warburg for butterflies a couple of weeks ago there was a juvenile Bullfinch with its parents. It was in a very gloomy location so didn't get good shots. This is probably the best.

  • Its a good photo Tony and so nice to see more young Bullfinch as they are a spectacular finch.

  • Through the kitchen window

  • Great photo updates Alan, that young Goldie looks well fed - unless it was a very cold day and its fluffed up lol

  • I still have quite a number of juvenile Goldies here too. Their incessant chattering always lets me know they are around.

  • Teenager shows his sharing and caring side to his little bro.