HTR's 2018 Fledging Day May 13th


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HTR's 2018 Fledging Day May 13th

  • Here are the little Maggies. Liz will be taking them until they can self feed and then they will go to a Corvid Rescue centre. They will then be released in September, for their own safety.

    This is Alfie, who was found in a garden about 50 yards from Craven Cottage, Fulham. I placed him on the sofa while I was feeding Charlie.

    This is Charlie, who was found near Clapham Common. Alfie was named by the people who found him. I named Charlie with a common theme in mind. Can you guess what that theme might be? It's a tad more involved than just male forenames.

    Together in their pet carrier. Charlie can self feed, but Alfie needs to be hand fed with some encouragement.

    They are eating a mixture of cat food, a small amount of mince, grapes, strawberries and digestive biscuits. It's all mixed together and then Charlie eats his from a small dish and Alfie is hand fed. I suspect that Alfie will start to copy Charlie in a short time and they will both feed themselves. They get on very well and cosy up on the perch when sleeping. If anyone has an idea of their respective ages, that would be helpful.

  • Awww, they are lovely Paul and nice they are getting a helping hand;  Maisie who used to be on this forum is the lady who can help maybe age them and with other advice, she carried out a lot of TLC of corvids and is very well informed.    I have just PM'd Maisie in case she still keeps up with the Community.    

  • They are gorgeous MC, another rescue and so glad you have help with Liz taking them in for a while.

  • Alfie decided to stand in the food dish on a couple of occasions, so I gave him a quick bath this evening. He's now clean and fluffy again, rather than covered in cat food. Charlie keeps wiping his beak on Alfie, so that's not helping lol. They are somewhat diffent to pigeons in their behaviour. Their poop leaves a lot to be desired too.

  • There is a Facebook group called 'For the love of Crows' which you can apply to join & get lots of advice ... I think that's where you'll find 'Maisie'

    I appreciate that they're a lot of hard work MC but they look positively adorable ... still puzzling over 'Charlie' ... Architects??

  • I can imagine a pair of little Magpies could be a couple of terrors to look after. They even look it, for all their cuteness!

    My guess on the names would be Michael Caine characters, Alfie and then Charlie from the Italian Job.

  • Nigel O

    My guess on the names would be Michael Caine characters, Alfie and then Charlie from the Italian Job.


  • Another pair of rescues, and different ones this time. They do look cute. Good luck with the feeding until they go Liz and the centre. Well done

  • Wow, long time no visit for me.... took a while to get my password reset! They're absolutely adorable and maybe a month or so old. They're a bit older than our Pie was when we got her. She had a half inch stub of tail and not much in the way of wings :)

    Please do check out For The Love of Crows. I don't get much chance to visit forums these days after changing jobs, but I am on Facebook a lot of the time along with an awful lot of corvid experts who'd be more than happy to drool over a lovely pair of babies :)

  • Hi Maisie, good to hear from you again. Alfie only has a stubby tail. Charlie is slightly older and looks like a Magpie, albeit slightly smaller. Charlie is feeding himself from a small dish, but he does still yell and beg from time to time. Alfie perches on my hand and flaps his wings while squealing to be fed. he's taking the food from a plastic coffee stirrer. He takes three or four mouthfuls and then turns away, wipes his beak on my leg and then looks for a way to get back to Charlie. They are not siblings but get on very well, They sidle up to one another when roosting overnight. I'll check out 'For The Love of Crows'.

  • Although I've already PM'd you Maisie, just want to say it's great to see you back and thanks for replying;  also good luck with your new job.

  • Nice to see you back Maisie.

  • Great to see you, Maisie!  I hope you and your family (including the feathered members) are all well.

  • It appears that there are maybe just two fledglings remaining in the garden. I managed to get some pics of one of them being fed earlier today.

    Mrs HTR is doing most of the feeding. HTR has had a complete personality change and is very nervous. He won't come within 10 feet of me and is always retreating from other birds when competing for mealies. It is still HTR. He does feed the two fledglings and he teamed up with Mrs HTR to 'dit' at a cat in the garden last night. His change in behaviour is most puzzling. I imagine that the youngsters will be left to their own devices before long and Mrs HTR will start up brood #2.

  • Great pics of Mum feeding baby MC but whatever is wrong with HTR, could he have had a narrow escape from cat or Sprawk!  Hope he's less nervous tomorrow with you!