another year....same results


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another year....same results

  • Glad to hear No.4 nest is still active Rob, fingers crossed for the HM's  and their offspring and hope its more than one chick.

  • Another update. As happened earlier in the month, nest 6 has collapsed. Again, no smoking gun. I have strong suspicions it was third party involvement. No sign of eggs and I am sure they hadn't got to the chicks stage in that nest. There was a more substantial collapse compared to previous though.

  •  On a more positive note, nests three and four are still feeding young. Nest two (photo above) is very close to fledging. There are at least three youngsters. The back of nest three is the one furthest away. Their entrance opens next to the latest house sparrow nest to fledge. That's two sparrow broods from an artificial martin nest cup.

  • Can only hope that nest two fledges soon and successfully with no harassment from sparrows.  Bad news about nest 6, thank goodness there were no chicks to be taken, bad enough losing eggs.

  • Despite No. 6 nest, it's good to hear other nests are still active with young and No.2 is close to fledging,  the measures you took Rob seem to have made the difference so good luck for the rest fledging successfully and then their long journey ahead of them.   Thanks for update.  

  • Nest 2 fledged three days ago. Youngsters have come and gone since. I noticed one head poking out earlier today. Maybe keeping dry and out the wind. Nest 3 and 4 are both still being fed. Nest 3 (photos below) are coming along well, but side entrance has slowly but surely been getting bigger. The photos give the impression they're still very young, but I think they're about a week from fledging. Nest 5 has now hatched and a couple of eggshells are below the nest. They seem to have timed it badly as it's been windy. Apart from a token shower a week ago, nest 2 had 100% dry weather right from hatching to fledging! Nest 1 I'm fairly sure is still incubating a second clutch. 

  • I should have said there are at least 3 young in nest 3. I can also add that the sparrows have finally gone quiet over the last 3 or 4 days. That should be it now from them til next Spring re breeding. What a good year they had!

  • Good to hear nest 2 fledged;  as you say the nest entrance to No.3 does look to have enlarged somewhat so lets hope within a week they have fledged too.   Pity the weather changed so dramatically and although we need the rain, the strong winds are so destructive and challenging for the nesting birds and fledglings.  Thanks for the update Rob, fingers crossed that side entrance doesn't get any larger.     Glad the Sparrows have eased off their activity,  maybe the adults are now moulting and staying more hidden.

  • Good to know some of the Martins have fledged Robbo, and though there is the enlarged hole in the nest 3 let's hope they will get the chance of fledging too while those sparrows are easing off the breeding, mind you I saw one male sparrow filling it's beak to feed it's young today so they are still at it here.  

  • Nest 3 youngsters have started leaving the nest. One ended up coming in a barely open window. 3 successful nests, 2 currently being fed (should start seeing faces of one of them any time's the nest with no obvious entrance though!) and 1 should be hatching about now in nest one. Second brood or new pair reusing the nest.

  • just seen the new lodger on the other thread lol    

    Good to hear that more HM's are fledging and better results this year.   Good luck for the others and safe journey for them all when the time comes.

  • The change in weather seems to have slowed up fledging, but nest four is getting closer (the one with no obvious entrance and newly hatched dead chick underneath). At least two youngsters looking out. Nest five is a few more days behind but should be only a week or so away from fledging. Nest one is feeding again so as things stand, it's again possible to have six successful nests this season.

  • Good to know two other youngsters still in nest 4 appear ok despite the casualty and hopefully nest 5 will fledge within a week or so;  after the problems in recent years it's good to know that this has been a much more successful breeding season for the HM's with 6 nests this year so well done Rob with the changes/adjustments you made and I hope the remaining chicks make it safely onwards so they can return next season.    Thanks for the updates, it's been good to follow this more successful year.  

    post edit:   been pouring down most of the day here in Cheshire and a lot cooler now.

  • Nice and sunny now. Rained from when I woke up (5am) til gone midday, so the pond is full. Not sure the chicks got fed much, but looks like they've been catching up the last couple of hours.

  • Good news Robbo, didn't think you would get as many successful nests earlier on this year.   Well done with persevering and evidently helping the HM's nesting year.