Car Park Robins 2nd Brood 15-06-18


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The Tea Rooms

Car Park Robins 2nd Brood 15-06-18


    One of the juveniles can be heard making the warning call for ground predators in the first part of the video. They are about 4 weeks old, so it's interesting to know that they make this call at such a young age. There was a large rat near the other juvenile. In the second part of the clip you will notice that one of the juveniles is no longer being fed by the adult male, but the other is.
    A day earlier, I heard (and saw) the male making the same chattering noise to the juvenile that it had stopped feeding as I have previously heard in three other cases. That suggests to me that it is an indicator to the juveniles that they will no longer be fed by the adults. Food is also brought to the juvenile and then taken away. I have seen that before as well. Their communication with their offspring is fascinating.
  • The one on the ledge looked overwhelmed by the number of mealworms on offer :)

  • Some photos from the 12th

    This is the juvenile that has been made to fend for itself

    I left the cigarette butt in the photo for incongruity

    This juvenile is slightly less developed in terms of plumage

    And subsequently it still gets fed

    Luckily I had a supply of wax worms to help out Dad

    The other youngster almost blagged some waxies

    Dad was wise to it and left to find the other one

  • Lovely to see the baby Robins MC and see the interaction between adult and youngster.   It must be hard for them once they have fledged when they have to fend for themselves.

  • They have spent the past three days in the shrubs at the front of the college. I've been giving them a few mealies to supplement their diet. There's a juvenile Blackbird in there too.

  • Thanks for these lovely pics MC, meant to post last night but fell asleep as I was scrolling back & forth enjoying seeing the little sweeties!

    My Robin still visiting but no longer taking wax worms, seems to prefer the suet pellets!

  • More developments today. The second juvenile has now joined the first in being independent. They were both in the same area as yesterday but the adults were around the back of the college near the nest site. There is a third youngster that is still being fed by the male. The adult female was also calling for food today and once again I witnessed Courtship Feeding. Brood number three will be along by the end of July. She has used the same nest for all three broods. That should answer the question regarding Robins using the same nest more than once. I did not have my camera with me when I saw the Courtship Feeding but I did get some photos of the two juveniles at the front of the college and the third one was considerate enough to allow me to photograph him (or her).

    This was the first thing I saw as I arrived at work (after photographing the Peregrines from the Rose Car Park). Some mealies prompted an enthusiastic response.

    As I walked around to the rear of the building I realised I was being followed.

    Some persistent squeaking from the nearby bushes led me to this little Robin

    There was a reaction to seeing some mealies, but he did not take any for himself



    Mr Sulky

    The male Robin did fly across, but the feeding took place amongst the shrubs and I could not get a decent pic

    As the day got warmer, the two youngsters at the front availed themselves of the sunshine and did a spot of sunbathing

    I don't know where the first brood went. I did not see them after they started to look after themselves. I have yet to see any youngsters with hints of red. There should be at least 7 of them out there. 4 from the Car Park Robins and 3 from the Front Car Park Robins.

  • What a treat to see the young robins so clearly MC, so round and fluffy, wonderful photos, thanks for posting.

    Titch is still calling around, he is now back to taking pastry and I wonder if he has had any success in breeding.  Still hoping to see any young.   Another robin calls daily and flies away in the same direction with food in beak, so maybe I will get to see a youngster one day.

  • Let's hope so.

  • Absolutely delightful update pics, thanks MC!