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I'm back

  • hi everyone, finally get back on here, we moved over to sky, so had to have new email address, and i had a slip and fell on my elbow, broke it so been in plaster now 5weeks, anyway some of you may have known me by name missbirdwatcher who has chickens, bad news we are looking to giving our ladies to a new home now:( due to mum and dad want a bungalow, we have had our hens 9months, and i was gutted to hear the news last night. so anyone interested for free taking our ladies off us, where in preston, lancashire area, so needs to be local really and i would love to be to come and visit them, i know chickens dont forget you.

  • penny the warren, betty above her forgot what sge is, lizzy white sussex and roxy at the end

  • what she is meant to say, typing with one hand as right arm in plaster.

  • hi, i know totally gutted :( love them to bits, and hopefully out of plaster 9th july, been going back every week to hospital for x rays

  • Hi Debs,sad that you have had to be in plaster also having to let the hens go,guess they will miss you as much as you will miss them.

  • That is sad, Debs. I'm sure your Mum and Dad will miss them too and all the lovely eggs. Good luck for 9 July!

  • Thanks grandmamac, totally sad, keep going out to them and stroking them telling them wont ever forget you

  • Evening debs,  so very sorry to hear about your elbow break and hope it is healing well, bet you can't wait for 9th July;   I broke my foot last year (first ever break in 56 years) and 6 weeks was a long time in plaster !       Also very sorry the ladies need a new home, I know you will miss them but hopefully, wherever they go (locally) you will be able to visit them as they will also be glad to see you :)    take care and good luck again for your next xray and the healing of your arm and also good luck for finding a loving and caring home for the ladies.

  • Hi Debs, sorry to hear about the accident, hope you're recovering fast. I have some friends in Blackpool who have chickens. I will ask them if they would like to adopt any.

  • Thank you jason.  And hazy thank you I will need some pysio as it be abit stiff and sore, but I love them girls so much and I be sad if I can't go and visit them.

  • Jason how many chickens have they already got, we want them to go to a happy,loved up home and have plenty of room for them, where from preston

  • Elbow is healing well and has been very frustrating hazy, 5wks hasn't gone slow, I've still managed to go and see girls everyday hugged and talked to them, they always seem to cheer you up on way or another

  • Morning Debs, I think they have 2 but unsure. I texted them last night to ask whether they want any more or not. Even though their chickens run about in the yard, its not a huge yard that they have. No garden as such with lawn, but a smallish yard. So I'm not sure if they are suitable to take on some of your chickens. I'll wait upon their reply :)

  • I understand how much you will miss the ladies Debs and crossing my fingers that they are rehomed within reasonable distance for you to visit.

  • :-) thanks hazy and thank you jason, maybe two is enough for them espically in small space