Seymouraves final post


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Seymouraves final post

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Hi- thought it would be the best place to post as I regarded this bit of the forum as home .

I shall miss you guys but if you read 'Downward spiral' you'll see my frustration has won out.

I'm obviously too unfriendly grumpy etc and not positive and sociable enough


Apologies to Mrs T- she's always been my favourite Mod and I'm sorry I went OTT.



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  • I think once logged in, under 'Community Forum' there's 'your discussions' and that is chronological and contains only posts you've contributed to, so may address your primary 'feedback' concern in that post you refer to (though not the rest of it).

    I think it's important for the community to have people who have a decent grasp of what they're talking about on here! The site is reliant on them overall. 'Osprey' chitchat will continue to be a thriving success, but if you do decide not to return, information seeking posts will lose yet another of those able to respond to them...and the less people respond to them, the more lost those posts will be amongst chitchat threads. That'll then add to the spiral where less and less new RSPB visitors stay, and the site will just be left with those looking for a chat, rather than actively getting involved with bird watching, conservation etc etc.

  • @ Seymour. It takes a big man to apologise and even bigger man not to walk away.

    @ Robbo I agree with your sentiment but I think a more conciliatory way of putting it would have been " The community needs a good balance of experts as well as enthusiastic individuals"

  • JudiM,agree entirely with your nice way of putting it.

    Seymour has apologised I see under gear guide,I sincerely hope he comes back as he is has a vast knowledge of everything connected with birds and birding.

    Sadly at the moment the forum problems seem to be taking up too much  space on forum and losing members in the process.  

  • Sooty
    Sadly at the moment the forum problems seem to be taking up too much  space on forum and losing members in the process.  

    Sooty,  I totally agree. We are all different and on a general forum all have to be catered for.  I have always tended to pop in occasionally and from the titles pick up what I think are relevant posts.     I am finding that a lot harder as either posts are hidden amongst osprey posts (no disrespect to Osprey watchers at all), are moans about the forum, or lack the 'bite' that I would like and that again is meant with no disrespect to anyone.

    There is a lot of issues going on out there as we both know from other forums and I would have liked to see them reflected here.  At the moment there are 19/20 posts visible on the front page 8 of which are about the forum in one way or other, 6 about Ospreys and 5/6 general posts.  That means if you come in occasionally anything of interest may be on page 2 or 3 and I am starting to miss things.   I accept that this is a personal opinion but there has to be a place on an RSPB forum for issues that affect the state of nature.   As a result I pop in less and less and that only adds to my problem.

  • I agree Bob and Sooty and others, but, we were asked to post comments under the several stickies about the forum functions, mods etc. Now the rebrand all new forum in its final form is awaited. Have comments been appreciated? Has moderation transformed into manipulation?
  • Bob, you make a good point about discussing more issues of the day, but maybe some simply don't see the information. On another thread you made mention of M&S selling grouse I think? That was certainly news to me, perhaps you're the best person to kick off such conversations with bite? :-)
  • Whistling Joe
    On another thread you made mention of M&S selling grouse I think? That was certainly news to me, perhaps you're the best person to kick off such conversations with bite? :-)

    That was John, but I agree that Bob is one of those best placed to kick off some posts. Obviously, him starting them means he's not picking new stuff up himself, but if everyone just comes on to pick up stuff off others, no one will post anything meaningful.

  • Sooty

    Sadly at the moment the forum problems seem to be taking up too much  space on forum and losing members in the process.  

    You are right, Sooty, but the alternative is a significant number of people leaving 'quietly by the back door'. Is that better for the site? Debatable. Depends if negative feedback is acted upon and things improved.

    There is a ton of stuff on this site I want to read......but either don't find, or use up my free time wading through stuff I'm not interested in, and run out of time. For example, I keep seeing glimpses of RSPB staff writing blogs. Many, if not most, are very interesting. Maybe I should just set up links straight to those reserves....but I again go back to the needs to be easier, primarily not for us as regulars, but for new visitors, or previous visitors who have some interest but who're not acting upon it.

  • Whistling Joe,  That was an entry by John-l-Uk? I think.  But I have tried to find it (I cant even find the author)and can't which may say something.  I tend to read Martin Harper's and Mark Avery's blogs for that sort of information.

    Robbo / WJ. You both make good points.  There are obviously 2 issues here.  One is the Forum which is hopefully being sorted and that other that perhaps us members of the forum should be putting more on here like that and at least links to the other interesting blogs. But they need to stay within sight and can easily be on page 3 before not that many people have actually read them.  Sorry if I have an obsession with Page 3 but I am finding if I can't see something by the end of page 2 my mind switches on to another site.

  • Robbo,you are quite right about it would be a problem if significant number leaving quietly.I actually think that is happening or at least like Bob coming on forum and almost regretting it.

    If Bob came on and there were things easily found that interested him he would have expert opinion on several issues that we would benefit from.

    Basically we are all losing by the forum being far too complicated and everyone trying to sort it out.

    Maybe the rspb need to close it completely for a fortnight and get a competent company to design a good forum site putting up the subs we pay slightly to pay for it.

    Lets face it with a million membership it would not need much of a increase.

    The loss of Seymour(although I was brought up that no one is indispensable)is something I personally think the forum will find is a big loss.

    Seymour leaving is probably the tip of the iceberg.

  • Sooty
    Seymour leaving is probably the tip of the iceberg.

    I am hoping that Seymour will be back once he sees a new forum and his expertise is needed.  I have found that sometimes I have felt that I have posted my last entry (we all feel like that occasionally) and then along comes something I can answer and you can't help but put fingers to keyboard.  As Robbo says there aren't that many such subjects easy to find around at the moment and I don't know why. Unfortunately if people leave then certain interests leave as well and in that I include those who have the ability to always say hello to a newcomer or deal with the chatty items.

  • Bob,yes as the Italian football managers say,"this is not a good moment".  

  • Bob Philpott

    Whistling Joe,  That was an entry by John-l-Uk? I think. 

    It was John Not the Sloop.....or whatever name like that it is! It'll be under one of the rowdy 'sticky' posts.

  • Ok folks, the last thing I want, we want is for people to leave. I really hope Seymouraves will change his mind and stay (please do S). I agree with the comment about the great thing about the site having experts and enthusiastic individuals, that's what makes it for me. Comments on each post are read and appreciated and our moderating style has not changed and it concerns me that some feel you are being manipulated. That I can assure you is never our intention. I would never want to do that. Well, I am going to enjoy the remainder of my bank holiday weekend with my hubby and my dog, but will ensure that this thread is seen by the rest of the moderating team on my return to work. Hope that's ok. Claire

  • Well done MrsT,you cannot be fairer than that,enjoy the rest of Bank Holiday,probably you mods are more stressed at the moment than the rest of us.At least we can have a moan but your hands are tied obviously.