Hi there

I was watching Bargain Hunt on BBC 1 this morning {not a regular programme for me, but no harm now and again}

There was a subject about Taxidermy {yuk.. you say}....not my favourite subject, but as long as it is done legally fine.

There was a wooden boxed cabinet with three moles in their natural environment.  Two where normal coloured moles, and the other an Albino Mole.  The whole cabinet was sold for £35.00

Then the presenter showed us an Albino Rat again in a boxed cabinet and because it was Albino it was sold on the internet for £600 {all because albino is an unusual colour for the Rat)

It just shows even when animals are not alive they do have a price attached in some way or another. All for being a little different to others of the same species


Kathy and Dave