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Birding Packed Lunches

  • Paul A's picture of his packed lunch has inspired me to start this thread. What do you have in your packed lunch? If you prefer to dine in style, which pubs, RSPB cafes or takeaways do you recommend? Pictures would be good too.

    I'll start with our normal:

    • Cheese and onion sandwich
    • One (or two for a full day) energy bars
    • One pack (each) of cheese and onion crisps
    • Bottle of tap water

    Our best ever lunch (late) was in Sardinia. We'd just finished a 12 mile walk in 35 degree heat and had core temperatures rather hotter than the sun. We staggered onto the terrace of a sea-front cafe and ordered huge bowls of Italian ice-cream with half litre of Peroni  chasers - wonderful :-)

  • I have this in my packed lunch and apart from the apple and the cheese, I don't fancy the rest of it !

  • Flask of soup (normally something veggie or lentil based), 5 black pepper rivita, 2 bananas, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 carrot chopped up, 2 satsumas and a pear, along with a handful of almonds and dried apricots.

  • doggie
    Marmalade sandwich

      going to start calling you Paddington from now on  lol

  • MrsT,think you set a very good example.

  • Well how funny is that,I thought MrsTs packed lunch was exceptionally healthy,when I mentioned it to O H she thought it was rather a lot.Just shows how different people see same thing differently.  

  • pork and black pudding pie, treacle tart, ferrero rocher, roses chocolates and a few grapes, bottle of Badger's Golden Glory

  • Like your lunch Andrew!!!! (well, with the exception of the black pudding bit)

    I'm actually going on a birding day out tomorrow and have just been shopping for a few bits...

    Ham sandwich (brown bread of course!!), cherry tomatoes, cheese and onion crisps, cereal bar and some grapes.  Could do with a few of Andrew's Roses chocolates to go in with that!!

  • andrewB290882804

    pork and black pudding pie, treacle tart, ferrero rocher, roses chocolates and a few grapes, bottle of Badger's Golden Glory

    Let me know when you're out & I'll come too, I haven't had a treacle tart in years & years. I worked in a bakery for a year in UK (quality control & I tasted it all) but the treacle tart was my "to die for".

  • Sounds yummy but a bit virtuous, Mrs T... how about a choccy biscuit in there?!

  • I walked around Ravensbury Park and Morden Hall Park for about 5 hours yesterday. My sustenance was a small bottle of cherry Lucozade and three rolls of Maynards wine gums. An exceptionally unhealthy diet. It works for me though. I sometimes substitute the Wine Gums for American Hard Gums.

  • Hi-  a history of Birding lunches

    Back in the 1970's it seemed to be a Tupperware box with egg sandwiches, a can of Lime and Lager (bleah!) and maybe crisps from a corner shop en route.  As you got bigger a cardboard mass produced 'Cornish' - HAHA! pastie was added.

    In the 1980's a family beef pie and a swiss roll  seemed to be enough to keep us going- and the odd midnight stop at a Motorway service station for all night brekky. Evening meals were definitely 'something' and beans and chips.

    In the 90's we were a bit more health conscious- raw milk and well cooked  chicken was affordable . Pasta dishes were on offer at Birding island  haunts.

    In the new millennium we started getting a bit dude-  we EVEN ate at the RSPB / Wildlife Trust eateries!  ( in the 70's such places were just a covered set of tables that doubled as a place to spread sleeping bags for the night)

    2010 onwards-  Is it just the mortgage paid off or the better food at places like Titchwell that coaxes us to grab a hot bap mid morning? The occasional backpack is still seen being opened to disgorge a classic sandwich lunch on strategically placed benches at reserves.



  • To be truly objective you will have to try all of them.

  • By the way, a Birding breakfast story-

     1977-  Pitch black august morning with pouring rain-

    at 0530 in middle of Norfolk a teenager in Barbour dashes into corner shop and grabs pint of milk and a Mars bar- pays and dashes out.

    2 mins later in dashes a different teen birder in Peter Storm waterproofs- grabs Mars bar and milk- pays and leaves.

    5 mins later in comes another one- and then a fourth- but he didn't get any milk- according to the shop owner ( who never batted an eyelid )  we had cleaned him out of cow juice :)


  • Hello Stuart,

    what an interesting thread! Food is always a good topic. In my Italian-classes we sooner or later always got to the food-theme, no matter what our conversation started with.

    What I like best to take with me is

    1. Bread with ham (Speck) or cheese

    2. an apple

    3. a very special nut-mix with small pieces of chocolate, chocolate-covered coffe-beans and cranberries(here in Germany I usually buy it at EDEKA, the chocolate is dark and tolerates higher temperatures very well)

    4. a bottle of bubbling water ( I like it better than still water)

    5. Bonbons ( something strong, for example peppermint, they can save lives)

    6. Jelly Bears ( a family-tradition)

    This thread is inspiring,I already got other ideas for future outings.

    Good night now,