Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!


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Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!

  • Old thread here:

    Because the original thread has, fittingly enough, 'gone bad', it's time for a new 'Bad pics' thread. Here, we celebrate the very worst of our wildlife photography. The subject matter is always brilliant, but the photos are very much not. If it's out of focus, chopped in half, frighteningly under- or over-exposed or terrible in some other way, it belongs here :)

    Here's my first (first of many, no doubt) contribution to the new thread, a Goldcrest taken at Barnes yesterday. You need only minor incompetence to take a blurry photo, and the same to take a really under-exposed photo, but to do both in one go requires a special level of cackhandedness.

  • One more to get things properly underway here. Spawning Pikes are amazing to watch, engaged in a spectacular, sinuous and beautiful aquatic ballet. That's if you're watching them underwater. From above the surface, you'll see a bit of splashing and if you're lucky the occasional glimpse of a fin.

  • Yoohoo ... found you & by Jove, it all works!!

    Many thanks for your poetic signing off in poor broken old thread A & your very humorous start here!

    Tears of laughter streaming  now at your pics & comments ... an exceedingly worthy first post which sets the bar 'way up there'!!

  • Brilliant !   the last threads were wearing out (so to speak !) so glad I don't have to go searching for the last page anymore  lol    well done Aiki and thanks for saving our sanity .... I hope to contribute to this new thread soon  !

  • Well done, aiki, and so eloquently introduced. I shall have no problem in sinking to the low standards demanded.

    I can't remember whether I've shown this one before but in any case it deserves a second showing. Even my best efforts with Lightroom can't resurrect this one.

  • Thanks, Aiki, and keep 'em coming, Everyone--I always appreciate a good laugh!

  • Wonderful (woeful) photo of GR taking off from his mealie dish, snack in beak!

  • Snail stuck to outside kitchen window ... don't waste an opportunity ... get macro shot!

    Bit dark

    Try flash ..... ooooooh, wasn't expecting that!! Lol

  • Wendy, at least we know what camera you use. Just magic. ROFL

    My contribution to cock-up of the day. Hazy told me that the Jay would be back but I messed up yet again.

  • Oh TJ, you've a long way down to go before you can emulate MC's Robin!!!  rofl

  • True, I think MC has surpassed himself with that one.

  • Lol TJ,   I messed up even better today      !!!!

    think we recognise what creature the next one is  ....

  • Great (nearly) captures aitch Lol

    If we were on a degree course, I think we are almost ready to don the mortar board & gown & use letters after our names ..... MBPFW!!!

  • I tried to get a nice shot of a herring gull spreading its wings and taking didn't quite work:

  • New cam/wrong settings/sun too bright/over excited at seeing this bird ... any number of excuses!!

    Didn't fare much better with this one either

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