Bottoms Up - part 2 !


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Bottoms Up - part 2 !

  • Seems the original Bottoms Up thread is driving us potty, so to speak  lol    with trying to navigate our way to the latest uploads so I'm starting a new thread  :) 

    A link to the previous Bottoms Up thread is HERE

    I'll let Jake the Jay start it off  ...............

  • Thanks, Hazy - and what a great start to the new thread!  Very white and fluffy.

  • By the way I've just posted a link to this thread from the old one.

  • Evening Clare, good idea so thanks for adding the link :)   seems we're all beginning to run our own Technical Dpt.   here   lol    

  • Thanks for the link C, can you please do one in here to link us back to the first page of the old one so we can easily refer back whenever we feel like a laugh?

    Good capture aitch, never seen a Jay's rear end before!! Lol

  • Here you go, Wendy:

    Bottom's Up!

    I should mention there's a terrific snap of a pooing red kite on page 1!!

  • OOPS,  cross post with Clare  !!!  

  • Lol Wendy,  Jake is such a poser, he doesn't mind which angle gets put in front of the lens  !!

  • Good start to part 2 of your thread Hazy, love your photo of the jay,I  have never seen one in Essex.

  • Thanks C, such quick service, oooh you are clever!!!  Then I started to read through, amazing how easy it is to forget all the good posts/pics!  Had to stop after page 2, was laughing tears!!!

  • Hi Jen, the Jays are real characters, not too shy thankfully and love their peanuts and pastry !

  • Hazel, Love the Jay!

    Referring back to my query on the last page of the original Bottoms Up thread--thanks Clare, Wendy and TJ.  (The little grey cells are ageing so  thanks!)  My only previous exposure to 'TTT' is a poem by Piet Hein:  Entitled 'T.T.T.', the translation from the Danish was published as:

    Put up in a place

    where it's easy to see

    the cryptic admonishment


    When you feel how depressingly

    slowly you climb,

    it's well to remember that

    Things Take Time.

  • That's really good, Ann - thanks for sharing it!

  • Sadly I don’t get to see any Jay's here :(

    Meadow Pipit


  • I snapped this gorgeous reed bunting at Dungeness back in April: