Creative Captions needs your photos !


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Creative Captions needs your photos !

  • After taking a recent photo of an amusing Dunnock, I got an idea for a new thread for creating funny captions...... so if you have any wierd and wonderfully funny photos of birds/wildlife then feel free to upload them on here so we can all let our imaginations run riot with suggesting hilarious captions !     

    Keep the your suggestions within the proper guidelines, as I am sure you will   lol    ...   no rude or inapproprite captions please !!

    Have a go at the Dunnock .........   

    just add a caption underneath .......not a repeat of the photo  !!  ................

  • Oh, I love Strictly...

  • "Rolls of pastry I can see,

    Lots of suet and sunflower seeds,

    Peanuts, mealies all for me,

    When I'm cleaning windows..."

  • LOL MC, might have to start calling him George !!  

    thanks Stuart, I just knew he was watching the TV !

     love the captions, keep 'em coming or feel free to add your own photo for suitable captions  :)

     Just put Dunnock .... or whatever the other photo/s  title is before the caption suggestion .. then an old lady like me doesn't get too confused  lol

  • Stuart Vine
    Oh, I love Strictly...

    .......... but where's Brucie?

  • lol TJ !     start searching through your photos, you must have a few that require captions  !!

  • Right!! That's it, I'M off, nothing but repeats and NO autumn watch.

    Or: Hey!! I was watching that.

  • HAZY
    lol TJ !     start searching through your photos, you must have a few that require captions  !!

    Don't get me started. Here's one that will probably get me into trouble.

  • Good ones Nissan !  

    rofl @ Tony !!  I saw that "talk like an Egyptian"  or rather "Squawk like an Egyptian"  lol    more please :)

    lol@ Polly !!

  • Great thread Hazy, always good to have something to make us smile, or LOL in some cases :-)

  • Dunnock

    So that's what they do when not feeding or watching us birds!

  • Excellent TeeJay :-)

  • great replies all,  feel free to add your own pics that could do with captions !

  • OK then, have a go at this one.

  • A Gozunder for the reed bed  ?