Please Keep This Pidge In Your Thoughts...


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Please Keep This Pidge In Your Thoughts...

  • Yesterday, just before 2pm, I received a call to say that an injured Pigeon had been spotted on the pavement somewhere in London SW16. Unfortunately, I was at work and unable to get to it. I managed to establish the full postcode and called Louise, who does pigeon rescues for Starlight Trust amongst others. She immediately set off to find the Pidge. As luck had it, her Aunt works in a shop almost opposite where the bird had been sighted and she was able to retrieve the poor thing and place it in a box. The report was that the bird had a broken wing and was on its back. There were no broken wings, but the Pidge (a juvenile) was in a bad way. It had a festering wound which seemed to have fly eggs and larvae in it. Sarah has not been accepting Pidges lately because she herself is unwell. However, she made an exception for little Orvin. Louise named him. Orvin means 'Brave friend'. Sarah cleaned him up and then took him to Seers Croft vets.

    What a sad sight. Poor little Orvin on a pavement in Streatham, surrounded by cigarette butts and ignored by all but one kind passer-by.

    Not a pleasant sight and clearly a Pidge requiring immediate attention

    After being cleaned up by Sarah, Orvin looked rather better, but was still in real trouble

    Here's the Starlight Trust Facebook comments Sarah posted:

    "Major healing thoughts needed please!

    Little Orvin was found on the street in Streatham. Louise rushed to his aid and asked us to help. He has a very bad neck wound which has ruptured his crop. Without urgent surgery he had no hope as he couldnt even eat or drink. I wont post a picture of his injury as its really not pretty.

    The odds are against Orvin...he is young, starving, dehydrated, he has coccidiosis and mycoplasma, and his wounds are old and infected. I would put his chances at about 20%.

    But we know how tough pigeons can be. We have to give him a chance. He is with the wonderful Seers Croft vets now and they will do their best to repair his crop. But he needs all the healing thoughts and prayers you can muster please. Let this little pidge know he is loved and he can fight this!

    I will update as soon as I hear news from the vets."

    "Every creature has pain at some time. It is part of life. The measure for us if whether we can resolve that pain in a reasonable timescale and return a good quality of life. Orvin's surgery will have made him instantly more comfortable plus he is now on pain relief. He will be sore for a few days and he has some other illnesses to overcome but watch this space and I hope to show you a picture of a very different pigeon in a week or so. They are very tough birds. I promise you we wouldnt put him through this if we thought his suffering was too great."

    "Orvin is home now and comfortable on a heat pad. I am just giving him some time to warm up a bit and then I will syringe him some warm fluids. He is over the biggest obstacle having survived his surgery but he isnt out of the woods yet so please keep those healing thoughts coming."

    "Orvin has done well overnight and is bright and feisty this morning. He has had another syringe feed and meds for his coccidiosis as well as more pain relief. I am feeling quite optimistic for him this morning....this is not a pidge willing to give up  "

    Here he is now:

    What a little fighter! It's amazing how much these birds endure without giving up. He's not out of the woods yet, but what a wonderful start to his recovery.

  • Thanks for posting this MC, it's a very moving story & I really hope that it has a good end, & that Sarah from the trust also recovers from her health problems.

  • oh bless this little pigeon, what a sad sight to see him in such a state but I know if anyone can get this pidge to respond it is Sarah and the vets so good luck Orvin, you deserve to be well again so you can join your fellow pigeons.   Thanks for the post Paul, will keep fingers and toes crossed for this young bird.  

  • He's made it through another night and is still with us.

  • It's amazing just how tough they are so long as an infection doesn't set in.

    Good luck to it, it's in the right place to get better.

  • monkeycheese

    He's made it through another night and is still with us.

    That's great news MC, presumably he's on antibiotics too so hopefulle any infections will be kept down, it's just fingers crossed he keeps going the right way.

  • What a pitiful sight and now what an enormous change, thank heavens you have somewhere you can rely upon to do their utmost for these birds.   Thinking of you all.

  • Aw poor little Orvin. He has at least come through his operation and now with the pain relief, medicine and antibiotics for his problems hopefully he will get back t good health. Thanks goodness for you and Sarah and the others at  Starlite Trust for the wonderful work that you all do. Come on little Orvin we are all rooting for you.

  • He's still not eating seed and Sarah continues to syringe feed him for now.

  • Thanks for the update MC, let's hope he will soon start feeding himself, he certainly looked so much better in Sarah's last picture.

  • What's the latest on this little toughie?  I imagine he still won't be on solids yet.

  • I haven't heard anything for a few days. I've just sent a text to Sarah.

  • Here's her reply:

    "I am a bit worried about him. His throat is swollen up. He is on more meds in case of infection or canker"

    I'm keeping Orvin in my thoughts. He's a tough little Pidge and has had such a hard life so far, poor baby.

  • Keeping everything crossed for him.

  • Me too:-)