Today Is Wednesday, So This Must Be...


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Today Is Wednesday, So This Must Be...

  • ...Woden. I have been trying to catch him for two weeks or so. This afternoon I saw him on the grass in front of the flats at the North end of Figges Marsh. He didn't have the strength to run away from me and fell flat on his face. He had a small fluffy feather across his cere and it was actually inside either nostril. He also has signs of canker in his throat. Imagine going two weeks with cotton wool stuffed up both nostrils and also having a sore and swollen throat. That's what this poor Pidge has endured. No wonder he was so emaciated. Sarah thinks he might be as low as 160g. I kept him wrapped in a couple of soft dusters as I took him on the bus to Wallington. I didn't want him to get stressed or cold, so it was the best solution. I now have Sybil (aka Basil) as a Pidge exchange.

    Here's the poor little guy just after I caught him. I had already removed the feather and he started to wheeze a little, probably because it had been so long since he had been able to breathe properly

    Snuggled up on my lap while we waited for Sarah to get home

    On the 127 bus to Wallington

    Perched on Sarah's hand. Woden was too exhausted to open his eyes for more than a few seconds. Please keep him in your thoughts.

  • Aw poor little Woden he does look pretty poor, fingers crossed for him. Good that you have Basil/Sybil home with you, do well little ones.

  • One in & one out, well done yet again MC & really hope that Woden perks up with the TLC of Sarah of Starlight trust.

  • Thank you. Woden made it through the first night. Sybil is a maniac. I will post some photos of the carnage that I found when I returned home from work today. She doesn't like being in a pet carrier. That is for certain!

  • I just checked my emails and found out that Woden passed away overnight. He never really recovered. As with poor little Hobbs, his last hours were spent in a loving environment and not in pain or fear. Fly free little Pidge

  • Sad news for you MC ... does sound as if Sybil is strong & stroppy enough to survive!

  • Little Woden is now out of pain and as you say was in loving hands at the end. Hope that Sybil starts to behave herself!