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  • I introduced Basil on another thread when I took him to Starlight Trust. Basil is one of the Pigeon Mafia and has been suffering from an eye infection for some time. It is (as one might expect) worse in the morning and there are days when he is clearly having problems. By the end of each day, he has managed to scratch away the discharge but it returns overnight. I rescued another Pidge (Woden) yesterday and I swapped that bird for Basil as Sarah has no room for additional Pidges at present. It turns out that Basil is actually a female, so I continued the Fawlty Towers theme and renamed 'him' Sybil. Sarah supplied me with the medication that Sybil requires for her eye problems. I have to apply it twice a day. That is easier said than done, as Sybil is a very stroppy Pidge. Sarah did warn me, but I didn't expect the carnage that I found when I returned home from work today...

    Not sure how this happened, but the inside of the pet carrier was even worse!

    See? Water dish overturned and somehow moved to the rear of the pet carrier. Seed dish almost empty, with sunflower hearts everywhere. Poop all over the inside of the pet carrier, but oddly enough, not on Sybil!

    She was banished to the 'naughty box' while I cleaned out the larger pet carrier.

    This is how it looked after cleaning.

    All sweetness and light (yeah, right!)

  • Not a nice sight to greet you when you get in from work, especially if you're late home because you've been rescuing other Pigeons! She probably kicked up because you were late! I hope you ticked her off! Good luck with the eye ointement.

  • Well, my sympathies are with the pigeon, first of all he has a sex change, then she is bunged in a carrier and has to be handled by the student nurse not the matron as expected, of course she's upset!!!!

  • She could have joined BUPA!

  • monkeycheese

    She could have joined BUPA!

    looking at that mess it's  more likely she'd join PPP   lol 

  • Well that looks like one mardy lady, good luck!

  • I released Sybil back into her (my) garden today and she was engulfed by the rest of the Pigeon Mafia within seconds. That was mainly due to the pile of sunflower hearts behind her! She was still on the roof about two hours later, preening away frantically.

    Bright eyed, but not bushy tailed. She had been stomping around in the small pet carrier prior to her release and must have bent those tail feathers!

    For those who remember Murphy (a PMV Pidge), who was released on December 28th 2016, here he is, giving a withering look to another Pidge. Murphy is in the garden every day.

  • Good to see her out and about. Mmmm she has a look of discontent and annoyance!

  • She'll be sleek again soon with all the care, will the tiny feathers regrow around her eyes MC?

  • They will do in time. She's only a youngster. Her iridescent feathers have yet to come through.

  • Lovely to see her free MC, she looks a right little madam.

  • That Murphy has a lovely irridiscent collar to go with his somewhat malevolent stare! Lol