Reflections - your photos wanted !


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Reflections - your photos wanted !

  • Great idea for a new thread, Hazel, and thanks to Everyone for the gorgeous photos!  Keep up the good work!

  • On reflection I think I might have a few.



    Black Crowned Night Heron


  • Ah, very nice, Bob!

  • Got a few on this day last month.


  • Tufted Duck.

  • Great stuff Bob, love the Dunlin shot

  • Great reflections everyone, will try and join in when visitors leave!!

  • Great pics from everyone :-)

  • Three from this morning

    Pied Waggie

    Lone Lapwing

    Cleopatra and beau.

  • Some fabulous shots - really love the egrets and flamingos - so elegant.  Here are a couple of mine:

    this one dates back from January

  • Brilliant additions everyone, loving these pics :)  

  • Great thread Hazel, and some fantastic photos everyone here's a few of mine to add to the thread.

    Grey Phalarope

    Little Egret.

    Great White Egret.

    Mandarin Duck.

    Tufted Duck.

    Just found this one I got it yesterday when out with aiki this Little Egret was at her local reserve in Sevenoaks.

  • I had an opportunity yesterday at LM for some so this is my first going to have to go through my pictures I still need to upload some from the other camera.


  • taken on various dates

    and this, which is one of my favourites, but not nature related.

    not knowing the limit, I could put a few more up later,  great thread btw Hazel, and some excellent reflections so far.

  • I'll add a few more from earlier.

    An Emperor Dragonfly oviposting

    Snipe in unusual light

    The BHG male voice choir.LOL

    Little Grebe resting