peregrine vs ravens


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peregrine vs ravens

  • I watched the antics of these birds for 10 minutes both sides having a go at the other and they headed off in the same direction, continuing to bicker

  • That would have been nice to watch Andrew.


  • Wow.  What a beautiful sight!  They are both stunning in flight.

  • Beautiful,

    When I see all your wonderful photography, throughout this site,  it makes me wish I took up photography. Thank you  everyone.

    My diddly mobile phone useless for anything aerial, we have regular visits of 'Buzzards' being chased by the 'Crow' family.

    I love watching the Buzzard nonchalantly circling his area trying to ignore the Crows, but as he gets near their patch , the first troups start to let him know, and when he ignores them ,they send for, back up, which arrives en mass, until he gets the message and decides his wings are not worth being damaged by their beaks, and alters course.

  • Lovely to see the Peregrine Andrew, crows seem to take on all the raptors, I suppose their nests get raided regularly in the Spring so they try to keep them away.

  • That's an interesting interaction and well captured. Corvids do not like raptors and invariably have a go at them. Very brave to take on a Peregrine though.

  • Great capture and very interesting to see their behaviour.

  • Very interesting photos,I would loved to have been there to see it live,than ks for posting.

  • thanks everyone, it is always a treat to see these interactions, and hear them too as that is what alerts you to them. I was surprised just how long it continued, there must have been something worth squabbling over.

  • Good to see Andrew, you were lucky to watch them for so long.   I wonder who captured the prize in the end.

  • Great photos to see not only the interaction, but also the morphological difference between the two species.