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Welcome to add your pastry customers here

  • Weather this morning turned very windy, wet and dark enough to need the lights on all day  !    so decided to make some pastry for the birds;    plain flour, mix of lard and beef dripping, mild cheddar cheese, berry suet pellets,  kibbled peanuts and filtered water !    

    The pink powder is what is left at the bottom of the storage box and the berry suet which has crumbled to powder dust  - no good wasting so all goes into the pastry mix.

    you can tell how dark a day it was, even with the lights on it was dark     lol   

    18 rolls,  15 of them now in the freezer,   other three chilling for a few hours or overnight in the fridge before it gets dished out to the birds. 

    So......... what u waiting for  ? ............................   lol

    Past customers   !  ................................

    doesn't get any better than this next one when the Long tailed tits land by your hand  !!   

  • Mine don't get pastry, although i'm sure they'd love it, but I put the feeders out yesterday for the first time this winter, cold & foggy all day & I thought they needed a little supplement. It'll be a few days though before word gets around! It's lovely today & tomorrow but next week looks positively arctic!

  • Ha ha, love the Lord Kitchener cartoon. I've started making pastry again although not in quite the same quantities you have, Hazel.

    It didn't take long before the GSW paid a visit.

    and the Robin soon got in on the act.

    It's really windy here too but mild. It's so dark that I can barely see the feeders.

  • Thanks Hazel and Tony,   I think the sudden dark day reminded me of winter that will be on it's way soon although still relatively mild at the moment.   Thankfully, wind is blowing in a favourable direction and blown the leaves into the corner of the garden and not into the pond for change :)    

    Love the photos of the GSW and Robin,  I will be filling one of the feeders with pastry once it has rested in the fridge for a few hours;     I'd love to put some pastry on the twigs and a few sun-hearts on the ground for the little chaffinch with warty feet who finds perching difficult but at the moment the Cyrils are running rampant and jumping all over the caged feeders (they are probably trying to shake the contents out as they can't reach the seeds  lol )   and they would snaffle up the pastry in seconds.    

  • Just be thankful you don't get Starlings or none of that would be going in the freezer lol.

  • lol Alan !!    Keep the starlings but  I wouldn't mind a few spadgers if you have them to spare ..... I can send you 6 squirrels (dyed red if you prefer) in exchange ;)

  • I won't tell you what I think the rolls look like on the counter  top, before they were bagged!! I am sure they will be loved by all the visitors. I will swap a few spadgers and a lot of starlings for some georgeous lollypops and a couple of Cyril's. Two of the same sex though as I don't want a menagerie!!  

  • Well done Hazy, the pastry will indeed be needed with this horrid weather.   Worse luck I don't get to see the LTTs too often or the Nuthatch, but the young Robin still visits and takes pastry over mealworm.   He was in the shed the other day and I had to wait 10mins for him to decide to leave, even tho' I put pastry on a dish by the door he was content to grab any insect or spider he found, not at all phased by being indoors.

  • @ Catlady, I'll send you two female cyrilla's for two spadgers but hold the starlings so to speak as I'm not sure I have enough pastry at the moment !  

    @ Gaynor,  lol your robin sounds like the one that used to nip into our garage on the rare occasion we left the doors open for prolonged periods whilst gardening and found it helped itself to the live mealies !!  it's funny how they love to search every nook and cranny for spiders and other insects and now I always have to make sure the garage is empty before I close the doors !   As for the weather it was horrid today, never really got light but tomorrow looks not as bad so fingers crossed.    

  • Dip them in a breaded batter and you could make a fortune selling them Hazel :)


  • Chips peas and Hazels, Breaded fat rolls :)


  • @ Jim,  the pastry is certainly proving popular at the moment (without added breaded batter lol)  with temperatures cooler today.   Earl the Crow and Mrs Earl were looking anxiously towards the door watching our every movement until they got their share of the pastry and thankfully there's plenty more in the freezer !   These rolls are crammed with nuts, suet, and cheese so they don't need much to get all that fat/protein.    

  • If that's the effect it has on LTTs, I'll have to try it myself!

  • Warren B

    If that's the effect it has on LTTs, I'll have to try it myself!

      Hi Warren,    that photo was taken a few years ago and on a bitterly cold winter's day;   the LTTs are pretty confiding little birds on the whole and you will find they will come closer  particularly during colder weather when food takes precedence over fear of humans !    If you follow a regular feeding  routine and they are daily visitors to your garden they will start to associate you going out with the pastry and be waiting in the trees like they were with me !    Good luck - weather's getting colder now so start making the pastry  !!  

  • I will have to get some more made been using commercial ones but they are not the same as home made ones.