The Young of 2018


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The Young of 2018

  • For the third year in a row I'm going to 'cheat' because I get to rescue Feral Pigeons and that gives me a head start on this years youngsters. So here are Niles and Daphne, as featured in another thread. I'm sure there will be plenty more before the year is out!

  • Yesterday, I spotted Mr BB collecting food but I certainly didn't imagine this little thing would turn up in the garden a few minutes ago, escorted by mum...

    My first fledgling of the year. Well done Mr and Mrs BB!

  • wow, that's good going by the blackbirds,  nice one Nigel !

  • I thought they might be feeding chicks on the nest but didn't think they would be this far advanced ... especially after the Beast and Mini-beast ruining March's weather!

  • :-)

  • Three more babies to retrieve this morning from the construction site near my home. A single baby of about 12 days old and two very young squabs, who are probably 1-3 days old. The larger of the two briefly opened its eyes, which is often on their third day. Liz at Forget Me Not Rescue has them now. I have named them Peter, Paul & Mary after the 60's music group.




  • Excellent rescue of these dear little souls!

  • Another young Pidge, but this one is a Wood Pigeon that was with its parents in my garden earlier today. Lots of pics I know, but it's an adorable bird. The Woodies have been regular visitors to the garden of late. Hopefully Junior will be back.

    Checking the roof, from where Mum and Dad were keeping a close watch

    It reached 29 degrees in the garden today and the water dishes were refilled several times

  • Young Blackbird heard in the garden but not seen it yet.

  • Aaaaawwwww ... IWOOT!

  • More mealies required!

  • Hi folks, just returned from three days at Leighton Moss;  here's 4 Greylag chicks from this morning outside the Tim Jackson hide

  • That one at the back is true to its name and is (Grey)lagging behind lol