Garden Visitors


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The Tea Rooms

Garden Visitors

  • These are some of last weeks more rarer visitors to our garden and feeders.

    This one shows no regard for plants, just walk all over them!

    This one seems to like sunflower hearts like everyone else.

    Two Redpoll appeared for a couple of days with all the other finches. These were taken through rather grubby kitchen windows at a distance.

    Finally this beauty not surprisingly cleared the whole garden in a blink.

    A female I think?

    All the BTs, GTs, LTTs, Robins, Blackies, Starlings, Dunnocks, Thrush had all fled so no other pics.

    Thanks for looking & hope you enjoy our Suffolk garden.

  • Lovely photo's Tony

  • Very nice. Lovely Sprawk.

  • what lovely visitors to your garden Tony, great to see the photos and rather envious of your Redpolls !    We do currently have a cock pheasant outside as I type this lol

  • Thanks Wren, MC & Hazel always nice to get different wildlife in the garden. I saw the Sprawk fly through again just no but didn't land. There were 4 Redpoll earlier but no pics this time as all packed as about to go of to Minsmere for a couple of days. It's sheeting it down so it's going to be fun! It's now coming down in stair rods, luckily a few coffee stops on our route across Suffolk.

  • A nice group of garden visitors you have there Tony. I have about 12 pheasants that come back and forth, not all at once, thank goodness! Lovely Sprawk, not surprised that everhything dissapeared when that beauty arrived!