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Another Very Lucky Pidge

  • Yesterday I set off for work at the usual time, hand fed Railway Robin at Tooting station and then caught the train to Wimbledon. When I arrived there, I saw that the trains to Kingston were delayed. I decided not to chance it and instead took a bus to Kingston. I managed to crack a rib over the weekend and some of the medication indicated that I should not take it if I was also taking antihistamines. I was unsure if I could still take it, so I had decided to go to the pharmacy in Boots. I only mention the last part because that made a difference to my route through town. I alighted from the bus at Fairfield bus station and crossed the road at the first set of traffic lights and then turned towards the shopping arcade. As I did so, I spotted a Pidge in the middle of the pavement. It was fluffed up and not moving. As I approached, a group of people walked past the Pidge and it did not move. I went across and picked it up. She was very thin and cold and her crop felt rather odd, as if it was full of air. She didn't really struggle to get away and I took her to work. When I first picked her up, I told her I was meant to find her. All the little changes to my usual journey had led me straight to her. I left her in a box with some seed and water. I later fed her a few soft peas. She was very active while in the pet carrier on the way home but became more docile when I put her in the larger one overnight. By this morning, she had not moved. Nor had she eaten. Her weight last night was only 218g and this morning it had dropped to 196g. I held her beak in the water dish and she took a few gulps. She wasn't interested in the seed. Sarah had arranged for Louise to collect the Pidge this morning, so I wrapped Diena (pronounced Dee-nah, taken from Dienstag, the German for Tuesday) in a cloth and she snuggled for half an hour before Louise collected her. Diena needs to be syringe fed, so I'm hoping we caught her in time. It rained for most of the night and it hasn't stopped. I doubt she would have survived the night. Diena is a very lucky Pidge. She can thank South Western trains for their poor service and me for injuring myself. Once again, right place, right time.

    In the Pidge box at work

    In the pet carrier on the way home

    Snuggling this morning while we waited for Louise. Diena is very alert and aware of her surroundings but simply will not or cannot eat. Please keep her in your thoughts. She's only a youngster.

  • Louise just called to tell me that Diena passed away peacefully en route to Sarah. She had eaten some critical care formula on her own but Sarah believes there were other pre existing conditions. Diena spent her final hours in a loving environment. Fly free little Pidge.

  • Sorry to hear that Paul at least her last hours were comfortable.

  • Thanks Alan. She would have had a sad and traumatic last few hours it she'd been left on the pavement. I'm glad I had time with her this morning to show her she was loved.

  • Firstly Paul,  I'm sorry Diena didn't make it but as you say at least she was warm and comfortable for her remaining hours and despite your prompt action obviously she had been ill for a while so any intervention was too late sadly.   You did your best and that's all you can do.

    Secondly,  a cracked rib sounds pretty painful so hope you take it easy and make a quick recovery, hopefully with meds that don't interfere with your antihistamines.   Sounds like you need a bit of TLC and recovery time  !   I'd do meals on wheels if I was nearer as I've made more vegetable soup and minced beef hash, etc.  

  • Paul any advice for here

  • That’s such a sad story Paul, I am glad you found her and she had a little love before she left us :(

  • Sad but so pleased you made her last hours comfortable!

  • HAZY
    I'd do meals on wheels if I was nearer as I've made more vegetable soup and minced beef hash, etc.  

    Am not well either aitch ... can I have some? Lol

  • LOL Wendy, certainly you can, I might not get there till midnight !

  • As everyone has said, at least she got some kind attention at the end.

    Good luck with the rib. When I did it a few years ago (going straight over the bike handlebars and landing chest first), I spent several days sleeping on the sofa as the only place and position I could find to get comfortable laying down.

  • Sorry to hear about Deenah, as you say right place right time. The little one certainly have a loving last few hours. Well done again.

    Hope you feel better soon, plenty rest! If you can!

  • Sorry to hear about the ill pidge, MC, but at least, thanks to you, she was warm and dry and lovingly cared for in her last hours.

  • How's the cracked rib doing, MC?

  • I'm on Co-Codamol and Naproxen but the side effects are now kicking in, so there's now added discomfort. I'm taking tomorrow off work as a result. At least I'll be able to watch the Peregrines...