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  • Hi

    anybody doing this competition/ survey  with Birdwatching Magazine?


  • Morning S,   sounds like an interesting challenge and fun for all ages and abilities.   I have provided a LINK HERE to the sign up page !    

  • Hi H-

    I signed up and await bumph-  It seems that some birds are 'worth more' than others?


  • That's interesting S,   I haven't signed up as I'd need better ID skills first  !!     Is it a point system then, the rarer the bird = more points  ?      I had a Caspian Tern last year   LOL

  • I prefer the 'self-found' system myself :)

    Got to 134 today with 1st Wheatear, Swallow and Sedge Warbler


  • A great start S,  with those arrivals it sounds like spring is finally here :)  keep us updated, I'm guessing it won't be long before you have 150 with the incoming spring/summer visitors.  I only do garden counts which is still stuck at 51 (not counting overheads).  

  • Well it's September 15th and just hit 190 with a Red necked Grebe-

    will I make it to 200 though?

    Still haven't found a Whinchat !


  • Well, good luck for the rest of the year.

  • Good luck with the last ten species, you have plenty of time yet ! 

    Still haven't found a Whinchat !
       well if you can't locate one, there's not much chance for the rest of us   lol       I know you 'll find it ........... somewhere !

  • Hope you make 200, S. Winter visitors will boost the total or did you get those at the start of the year?

  • I've had a few health problems again this year,July and August were a wipe out including having to cancel our Northumberland trip, so we

    missed out of a lot of trips since the Nethy Bridge break but we have still managed to get some rarer birds as they passed through our local hot spots birds like rarer Grebes and "funny" Gulls but what should be resident certainties seem to be missing. Whinchat is proving very elusive for us too yet we have a couple of local sites where we normally geyt both Stonechat and Whinchat close together but not this year. We did get my first Hobbies of the year last week,Chris got hers at Tophill Low early Spring. Both Chris and myself are on 169,slightly different range of birds, so still an outside chance when the wintering Geese return if we have a good year for them. All good fun this birding game,been at it well over 50 odd years and still enjoying it !!!

  • Sry to hear you've had some set-backs with health problems Pete and hope you are back on track again and able to bump that total up before the end of the year;   with these strong gales you might get some rarer birds blown in  :)   It's pretty gusty here right now but all the tall oak/beech trees still standing - at the moment   !    Good luck and carry on birding  lol

  • Hope you're on the up, Pete. There's always the guitar to keep you occupied if you aren't out and about much. As for Whinchats, there on my list of birds I've never seen.!!

  • Bit of a bad year I'm afraid Hazel,without graphic detail for 5 weeks I could only leave the house to visit A & E or a short hospital stay,lost 2.5 stone but a desperate way to do it. After various test and cameras the diagnosis is Crohn's disease,not a known cure,typical me,but not life threatening and suffered by thousands of others.It does mean that I have a lack of get up and go but we can work on that and the good old NHS is checking up on me regularly. I need to use a stick for walking at the moment but we can still get out birding when the energy level is right and bI'm still managing to still act as recorder for our little local club so things are on the up hoping to get back to the Moss before the year end.  

  • What a rough time you've had Pete, really sorry to hear about the Crohns's diagnosis but glad that you are not letting it win and are managing to act as the local recorder for your birding club;  as they say, little steps at a time  but I've always firmly believed the best tonic in the world is nature to get you up and back on your feet again.    Hope you and Chris get to LM soon.   We are going in three weeks time for a week, then again 3rd week November for another week and 5 days over Christmas !      Now we just need to fatten you up for Christmas so I'd be taking you to the L.Moss cafe to select a few cakes  lol