Parsley Pidge (And Scarlet) Updated 08-06-18


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Parsley Pidge (And Scarlet) Updated 08-06-18

  • Last Friday I received a call from Louise at about 10pm to say that there was a juvenile Pigeon on the ground beneath a bridge in Brixton. Fortunately the girls who found the Pidge waited at the location. It was very near to Brixton station and right in the middle of a busy area full of bars and cafes. The road where he was found was very narrow and part of a busy one way system. When we arrived, I found the Pidge and the girls asked if we could name him Parsley. Parsley was a juvenile and had clearly fallen from one of the many nests beneath the bridge. He seemed unhurt. I took him home and put him in the large pet carrier with some seed and water. It was 22-50, so I left him to doze off (after weighing him). The next day I fed him several lots of softened peas and as it was a nice sunny day, I put him outside in the SBS. He seemed quite content and took a couple of small unsteady flights up to the branches of the tree. He squeaked a bit when the Pigeon Mafia came to see him, but he also dozed off in the shade for a while.

    By the next day it was clear that he wasn't eating the seed. I contacted Liz and asked if she could take a look at him to ensure that he was ok. Liz went one step better and showed me how to syringe feed. She gave me some Kaytee and plenty of syringes and tubes for feeding. While we were there, she also showed me a Fox cub that someone had brought to her. It had been attacked by a dog and had been given stitches in the head wound. As a result, her fur had been shaved. She looked rather odd, but was very friendly.

    I was told that Parsley should be syringe fed every three hours. That meant taking him to work every day, which was an adventure in itself. Sarah finally made room for Parsley on Thursday and he is there now, associating with another very special little Pidge, who is a couple of days younger then Parsley. Her name is Scarlet and they are already an item...

    A rather dark photo of Parsley, taken just before 11pm on the Friday

    Looking slightly more perky on Saturday morning

    Outside in the SBS (with the doors closed of course)

    Exploring in the tree

    Relaxing in the shade

    Back indoors on her DIY perch

    Even more relaxed, but with slightly more poop!

    This is Scarlet, who was found three days later, on the Monday

    Aren't they adorable?

    This is Florence the Fox cub. She was so tiny and didn't mind me holding her. She's now with the Fox Project.

    In case anyone is wondering what happened to Angel, she was released in the garden a few weeks back and instantly disappeared (although she did take 15 minutes to leave the SBS). She finally returned this past week, but she hasn't been beating up the other Pidges as far as I can tell.

  • Well....Parsley certainly fell into the right hands, and now he seems to be doing so well with a mate alongside to talk to.   They both look good and I hope they continue to do well, and I suppose you could be involved in the release once more MC.  

    I'm not surprised that Angel returned, your garden is a sanctuary for them all, and food supplied too.

  • Wonderful story & pics, will P & S be released in your garden when ready?

    That Fox cub so sweet, bet he could be made a pet of quite easily, must be so difficult to be 'hands-off' with these 'wild' creatures!

    Good news of Angel with her mended ways!

  • Another fine rescue - you must be Godfather to half the pigeons in the south by now!

  • Nice work Paul,  good to know all including foxy are getting the necessary aid.  With so many rescues I think you need to retire from work as it must be exhausting travelling around the G.London area on all your call outs.  About time London Transport gave you a lifetime free travel pass :)   Nice Parsley and Scarlet look so content together and good to hear about Angel too.   Good luck to all the birds and not forgetting the young fox.

  • Today I collected Parsley and Scarlet. The release went well and they both went up to the roof and remained there for a while. The entire flock departed after some time and eventually Scarlet returned with one or two other Pidges. I did not see Parsley come back, but many other regulars did not return either. Hopefully they will both be back tomorrow morning.

    Scarlet is the first Red Bar in my flock.

    Parsley looking very dapper.

    Parsley losing his balance!

    Finally, the video of their release and some exploring on the roof.

  • You'll certainly be able to keep tabs on Scarlet, Red Bar is very pretty colouring ... will they still be an item in the wild MC?

  • Looks like they were made very welcome by the other pigeons and settled in straight away so job well done by all once again;  hope Parsley returned this morning with the other missing pigeons.

  • Both of them were on the roof about an hour ago.

  • Well done You, MC--two more rescues successfully released!  If Scarlet is your first Red Bar and sticks around, I will be interested to learn about Pigeon genetics and to see what the youngsters look like when the two types interbreed.  Considering how common the grey type seems to be, presumably the 'grey type' (what is the correct term, please?) is dominant over other types?

  • Grey Types are known as Blue Bars. I'm not sure how her offspring will look. Parsley is a Chequer, so who knows.

  • Good release MC, I do like the colouration of Parsley, there are a few here just like that, also I get white ones thrown in the mix.  Glad to hear they are all present and correct yesterday, it's amazing how they settle down so quickly after being brought up away from your area.

  • That's the benefit of the soft release. The first things they see are seed and other pigeons. That is usually going to be enough to encourage the new birds to stay. I always wait until there is a large group on the roof and preferably a nice sunny morning. Being a red bar, Scarlet is easier to spot in the flock. Parsley blends in as he's less distinctive.

  • Well done on another sucess, she is a very pretty Pigeon.

  • Parsley and Scarlet have been back pretty much every day from what I can tell. They seem to have settled in nicely. Scarlet is very involved in flock activities and is often one of the first to the patio. Parsley seems a bit more circumspect about his new friends and tends to observe a lot more. Here are (more than) a few photos of them.