Hazel and Mike Seahouses


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Hazel and Mike Seahouses

  • Hazel and Mike had a good trip up to Seahouses and have unpacked now going for the best fish and chips in town, will keep you updated untill tomorrow when we set off :)

  • Hope you all have a good trip Jim and the weather is kind to you.

  • I thought maybe they had changed their name by deed poll. Mr & Mrs Mike Seahouses!

  • LOL

  • No update, sent Hazel a couple of text but they must be enjoying themselves and who can blame them after having a nice fish and chips meal the best in the village I say we will be having the same tomorrow when we get there :)

  • Have a good trip, all of you

  • I am sure we will Nige, Hazel, texted me and said they took the F&C back to the cottage and had them while looking out over the harbour.

  • Although I'm not really on the forum at the moment, I have somebody sitting next to me here that arrived today with his pal and I spotted Jim as he was just checking in to his apartment and then on the veranda so took these sneaky pics  lol 

    So folks, trouble has arrived   !!  

    and I was laughing as I stood on our balcony, saw Jim reaching for his mobile and I took this photo of him ringing me  lol

  • Lovely--hope you teenagers have a great time larking about!  But please don't forget pics of the Puffins, etc.!  I know you are not on the Forum officially, Hazel, but we are counting on you!

  • You, too, Jim!  Can't wait for the pics!

  • HAZY
    Although I'm not really on the forum at the moment

    I know you like to take a break from the Forum but surely you're not going to make us wait for all those Puffin and Gannet pics.

    Hope you all have fun and the weather is kind to you.

  • Snap, TJ.  We are agreed!

  • Ever get the feeling you're being watched...?

  • lol, MC!  Perhaps the photographer (naming no names) is practising for entering the secret service?!

  • 'Secret'? Not with all those Mallards following her around! lol