Mr K Pays A Visit And Upsets The Local Magpies


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Mr K Pays A Visit And Upsets The Local Magpies

  • Just after 6pm today, the Spadgers raised the alarm and the Ferals took to the air. I assumed it was the local Crows harassing them, but a smallish Raptor suddenly appeared and then flew over the house and out of sight. I figured it must have been a Sprawk and thought no more of it. Everyone returned to their perches and all was calm again. A minute or two later, the Spadgers started to make their 'We're not happy, but this isn't actually an alarm call' noises. I then heard another more distant alarm call. This was being made by a pair of Pied Wagtails on the school roof. I then spotted the source of their consternation. A small raptor was perched a short distance from them. I fetched the camera and once I had the bird in view, I realised it was a male Kestrel. Not what I thought it would be. I waited patiently for about ten minutes for him to take flight but as is often the case, he took off at the exact moment that I looked across at the Ferals on the fence. I did not see where he went, but the Spadgers started calling again, so I realised the Kestrel must be close by. I looked up to see if the Pigeon Mafia were still in situ (they were) and then I noticed a small head peering over the edge of the chimney stack. The Kez was on the roof. The Ferals were nonplussed by his presence. Suddenly the guy two doors down started up an angle grinder and all the birds took to the air! Luckily for me, the Kestrel flew back to the school roof. He was soon joined by a Magpie that started to posture and circle around him. Mr K was having none of it and fluffed himself up before flapping his wings at the Maggie. This went on for a minute or so and then a second Maggie arrived. Mr K stood his ground and then lunged at the first Maggie before chasing the pair of them away from the school roof and over the houses. I'm sure Mr K spotted the mice in my garden while he was on the roof. Hopefully this might lure him back. Lots of pics here, but as this is a rare visitor to my garden, I am going to indulge myself and keep Wendy happy too.

    The first distant shot of Mr K

    And then he was on my roof

    Something had caught his eye

    Then he spotted me

    Back to watching the mice?

    Back on the school roof and one of the Pied Waggies made its feelings known

    The first Maggie arrived and got somewhat closer

    Mr K stands his ground

    The Maggie circled around Mr K

    Some posturing and a tail flick from the Maggie

    More posturing and Mr K has had enough

    Off you go!

    Maggie has another go

    Mr K moves forward

    Maggie retreats

    A glare from Mr K

    Maggie wants none of that!

    Back for a third time

    Something overhead gets the attention of them both

    A second Maggie arrives

    Mr K hasn't finished with the first one yet

    Victory to Mr K!

  • Fabulous captures MC ... am really happy now!  Thanks!

  • He did well.

  • Just loved the way he despatched Magpie, your pics were great!

  • Superb shots Paul especially the action ones and the close up portrait.

  • One of your best photo threads ever!  Brilliant.

  • Wonderful!  Thanks, MC!

  • He returned today. Fortunately the sun is out and the blue skies have provided a decent backdrop. He took a small bird from the gutter on the end house, so I imagine he won't be back for a couple of hours. Pics to follow after I've done some sunbathing with the cricket on the radio in the background.

  • Twenty minutes on and he's back on the chimney pot. Thank you to the Spadgers for informing me of his return. Looks like this might be a regular thing. Plenty of food sources.

  • Excellent stuff. I'd've thought a couple of magpies would have been enough to see off a kestrel, at least if they were coordinated and if their heart was in it!

  • Well ... Sun's gone in but I see Cricket on TV now ... do we have to wait til that's over! Lol

  • WendyBartter

    Well ... Sun's gone in but I see Cricket on TV now ... do we have to wait til that's over! Lol

    Going through the pics now.

  • Jolly good ... not that I'm impatient or anything! Lol

  • Here's a little pic to keep you entertained. I found it rather funny watching the Pigeon Mafia going about their business while Mr K stared intently at his prospective prey in the garden next door. He took two mice and something small from the end gutter. The Pidges were not concerned by Mr K. In fact he flinched a couple of times when they took off or landed in numbers. The only time they took flight was in response to the warning cries of the Spadgers in the holly tree. Once they realised there was no threat, they circled round and landed en masse back on the roof, much to the consternation of Mr K. They wouldn't have acted this way with a Sprawk.

  • Great capture ... Pidges think they have charmed lives, the number of times I have seen them strolling around various nests right under the beaks of Peregrines!