A Day With Mr K + Sunday Pics


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The Tea Rooms

A Day With Mr K + Sunday Pics

  • Mr K spent the whole day either on the chimney pots or eating mice on his dining roof. The Ferals ignore him, the Spadgers don't like him and I photograph him. It's a good thing. I edited just over 1,400 pics down to these...

    Bit of an odd one, but I thought I'd include it anyway

    Mouse #1

    Mr K will take on a pair of Magpies, but a lone Crow is too much of a challenge

    Mouse #2. No Crow this time.

    Final pic of the day, before he flew off to the West.

  • What a treat, thanks MC ... odd pink swelling to right side under his lower beak, does it look like tic to you?

    Do hope he visits with you some more!

  • I think that's a piece of mouse #1. It appears after he's eaten it and is gone in the last pic after he's eaten the second one.

  • You were honoured MC, what a gorgeous bird.    Can imagine it caused a little disturbance in your garden, wonder if he will be back.

  • What a cracking set of photos Paul, and a beautiful visitor to have in your garden. Hope he continues to have the mice and not the birds!

  • I've not seen him today, but there was a large Crow on the roof a while back. I have successfully released two Pidges this morning (Parsley and Scarlet). Details of that will go on another existing thread later on. More sunbathing and cricket now...

  • Stunning shots Paul, you will have Wendy moving in with you if he keeps visiting LOL.

  • Stunning bird and pics Paul, what a great bird to have visiting :)   can we borrow you blue sky please - it's like winter up here today   lol

  • He returned at 6pm today. More blue skies...

  • Love-ly!

  • AWWW! SO CUTE! I had an encounter with a baby one before, it was wet from the rain and cats and dogs cornered it, saved it though!

  • Alan
    will have Wendy moving in with you if he keeps visiting LOL

    After reading that he came back again have just booked my train ticket!!! Rofl

  • monkeycheese
    More sunbathing and cricket now...

    Juvie Starlings permitting!!

  • Mr K came back at about 6pm. He obliged by landing at a different spot and gave me a better view of his plumage.

    As usual, he gave me a 'look'.

    Scarlet decided to do a fly by while I was photographing Mr K.

    Good to see he's making this a regular thing.

  • Don't blame you for taking advantage of your visitor and taking lots of photos! I wonder if he will become as regular a forumite as the other Mr K.