I Am Livid!


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I Am Livid!

  • As some of you will know, I sometimes check the multi storey car park behind the college in case baby pigeons have fallen from their nests or have been abandoned. I had not checked the nests for some time, maybe a month or so, but today for some reason, I decided to take a walk around the top floor to check the nests. Two or three had adult birds on eggs but as I approached another regular nest site, I noticed a plastic bottle had been wedged into the space where the nest should be. The nests are not within easy reach and I have to step up onto a ledge and reach up to the steel frame to get to them. I managed to remove the bottle and noticed a baby Pidge had been stuck behind it. The bird was tightly wedged in to the recess and I had to pull it by the legs to remove it. It looked to be about three weeks old and was covered in poop. One wing was hanging slightly and the poor thing was very thin, with nothing in its crop. I then saw that there was a second Pidge stuck in the hole. This one was coated in poop but had managed to struggle out of the gap and I was able to remove it without too much trouble. There were adult birds nearby, but I couldn't be sure they were the parents of these two. Not only that, the babies had not been fed for several days and based on the colour of the faeces, they both had coccidiosis. I immediately contacted Pigeon Recovery and Lyn collected them within about 90 minutes. Someone had deliberately blocked them in with the bottle and left them to die. I will be speaking to the local CCTV office on Friday and will see if they can review the footage and see who committed this unspeakable act. I named the Pidges Jimi and Janis (after Hendrix and Joplin). Luckily, these two Pidges did not die young.

    This was after I had cleaned them up a little, but they were still filthy.

    Despite their weakened condition, they both seemed happy to be free and alive. How could anyone be so cruel?

  • Oh I do hope you find out what manner of human being did this ... I am always at a loss to understand what makes people commit such acts, what do they get out of it?

    So pleased you were able to rescue them MC & that Pidge rescue can bring them back to full health!

  • It's a downward spiral that probably starts with pulling the wings off flies and ends up with God knows what atrocity. I'm so glad I found them today and not in two days time when they would be dead or close to it. I tried giving them a little bath before Lyn collected them but they both tried to fly and I was covered in water and feathers and other unsavoury items!

  • That would definitely be a two-handed job!  Hope they are clean, fed & a lot more comfortable now!

  • I also hope the culprit is found, though I fear their 'punishment' would be a slapped wrist.  Glad you saved them and I hope they come out of this all right.

  • Well done MC, strange what can come from a sudden impulse, lucky for Jimi and Janice anyway.As Clare says, the culprits (if found) would only get a caution or less, I'd have them cleaning up our beaches for a year!

  • Any news on this lucky twosome?

  • Words fail me Paul! What a good decision you made to check the roof when you did, as you say the outcome would have been so different. I do hope that Janis and Jimi are behaving and puttng on lots of weight at their temporary home. Bet you were the one that needed a bath after being coated in, well whatever it was!! Well done on another rescue. I hope that the culprits are caught and get, at least some punishment.

  • Paul, What a story!  Good luck and I hope that the culprits are caught!

  • I had missed this post, why am I not surprised to hear of another miserable act by  mindless humans.   Keep acting on your instincts MC and thank you for being there for at least some of the needy.  I am sure those birds will now be well fed and looking remarkable better.