Cat-proof Fencing


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Cat-proof Fencing

  • Has anyone tried the RSPB idea of taut wire or string fitted 10-15 cm above the fence-top? I have been considering this for my close board fencing but would welcome hearing from anyone who has found it successful.

    I have also been researching fence-top rollers and a novel idea of using rainwater down-pipe. Commercially available roller systems are very expensive but I found, and hope to try soon, a DIY version using 32mm waste pipe.

    For the rainwater pipe idea, a 'slot' of width a little narrower than the close board fence capping is cut the full length of the pipe. The pipe then clips over the capping. I'm currently testing the pipe method with a short length of pipe.

    The cats now avoid this part of the fence - their previously favoured route. However over such a short length of fence this is not providing conclusive evidence that it works so a much longer section is to be prepared. Pipe materials available for both methods are available in brown, rather than the usual white or black, so with my brown wooden fence the results should be less obtrusive.

    I eagerly await members thoughts and experiences.

  • Nice one Graham.

    I don't have problems with cats getting over my fencing but I certainly think the pipe idea could work, and with the right colour would look out of place.

  • The rainwater piping idea sounds like a very good idea Graham, the cat would be unable to get a grip on that.  I have had trouble with cats over the years and have tried various things but nothing successful, my dogs seems to be the best deterrent:-)  saying that the cats are now down to one and it is getting older so not so active, still in here the other day though, if I can get help with some piping I will certainly try that idea.   I have found growing bushes close to the fence does put them off a little, a hydrangea and pyracantha helps, but there are always spaces for the little so and so to get through or over.