DVD of British Birds


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DVD of British Birds

  • I bought a multi set DVD a few years ago, and loved it. Sadly it's now been mislaid. It had a picture of a pond and some grebes on the front, I think. I'd like to buy a new copy, but I love the voice of the Northern commentator - it's so relaxing (even soporific). But the new one I've seen for sale doesn't have the same narrator, I don't think. Does anyone out there know what I mean?
  • Have you tried ebay Karen?  Just found this but there are many others

    'The DVD Guide To British Birds (5 DVD BO X SET)'

  • Thanks, Wendy - but is it the one with the right voiceover, I wonder... are there different editions of the same thing? Confused...

  • You have the opportunity to contact the seller & ask! 

    I see that the Amazon ones are already Version 9 ... obviously being constantly updated!

  • If you can find the maker Karen you could always try contacting them if you know roughly when the version you want was brought out.

  • Aha - I've just looked on Youtube and found out it's Dave Gosney's voice!! One step closer..

  • Thanks, all - I'll try contacting the sellers. i thought it was an RSPB production, which is why I was asking here...

  • https://www.nhbs.com/publisher/birdguides-gb?q=&dFR[publisher.name][0]=BirdGuides&fR[hide][0]=false&fR[live][0]=true&qtview=173621

  • Pleased to hear you're making progress Karen, be sure to let us know if you manage to find this set!

  • I can't get that link to work and it's not the DVD version but it looks like they are produced by birdguides

  • Karen are you on twitter?

  • Contact Dave direct Karen www.easybirder.co.uk/Home.html

    Just been reading up on him and he was the one that founded Birdguides.

  • Thanks, all  - I don't really use Twitter much. But I have now emailed the man himself. Thanks for the tip. I'll let you know if he happened to have any spares in his shed!!

  • Hi all - Dave responded very swiftly (and helpfully) to my email. I have just ordered the version I can store on my Ipad, and am a Very Happy Bunny..

    Many thanks for all your input - you friendly and kind people!

  • Well done Karen, I like a happy outcome!