A new visitor to the garden


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The Tea Rooms

A new visitor to the garden

  • Well, it seems the insects may already have gone into hibernation, we have a new visitor to the garden, a greater spotted woody.

    Apologies for the poor quality photos, the light was very poor, and our kitchen window is in desperate need of a clean. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.....

  • Great captures Mike, can't see any dirt! Lol

  • WendyBartter

    Great captures Mike, can't see any dirt! Lol

    Thank you, it was a rushed  grab the camera from the bag, get the lens from the case, attach the two together and snap away....

  • Alas the Woody returned, and I was more prepared, got outside and grabbed a couple more piccies.......

  • Ooooh beautiful shots Mike.   Such a thrill when they appear.

  • Lovely photos Mike; they are such lovely birds to have visit the garden and they love the nuts, suet, fatcake.     Looks like this is a juvenile slowly gaining his adult male plumage.   It's sometimes amazing how confiding they can be.   I had an adult male G.S.Woodpecker by my feet this year as it took live mealworms from a bowl (when he was feeding young in the nest) and later the juvenile would land on the feeder in front of me.   There are so many special moments in nature that we are so privileged to see and experience.

  • Great to have caught him in the garden. Interesting to see the faint trace of red on the top of his head, so I assume he's one of this year's youngsters.

  • Congratulations, they are always wonderful to see in the garden.

  • Thanks folks.

    It was a surprise when he returned not long after the initial photos, so I'm guessing he'll be a regular visitor during the winter.

    Nigel, that was exactly my thoughts, he was one of this years youngsters, based on the adult males I've seen. A web search didn't throw up any pics to compare with.

  • Some more photos of the juvenile greater spotted woodpecker on the feeder again this afternoon.

  • Nice to see him back again Mike, lovely looking bird.

  • A real beauty Mike! 

    Just watched the late Johnny Kingdom's Year with the Birds (episode 1 BBC4 @ 19.30) & the lengths he went to in getting footage of  GSW entering roost/nest hole!  Not to be missed!

  • Hope he keeps turning up for you Mike.

  • Thanks folks, it has been a real pleasure to see him around.