Species #36 For My Garden (Another Cheat)


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Species #36 For My Garden (Another Cheat)

  • Yesterday evening I received a message to say that there were two baby Pigeons that needed to be collected from a vet in Kingston. As it transpired, there were no Pigeons. There was a juvenile Collared Dove and a badly injured juvenile Magpie. It had been catted and was in a bad way. I managed to get antibiotics from the vet and administered them. Sadly, the Maggie passed away during the night. Due to the date (September 25th) and that he passed away during the night, I belatedly named him Bonzo. To clarify, John 'Bonzo' Bonham, the Led Zeppelin drummer passed away on this day in 1980, having died overnight.

    The Collared Dove was more fortunate and is now with Liz at Forget Me Not Wildlife Rescue. I syringe fed her some Kaytee last night and she's doing very well. She has mild cankers in her throat but will be ok.

    Poor little Bonzo R.I.P.

    Charlene the Collared Dove

    Out in the garden this morning...

  • Sorry about the poor Magpie, sometimes sadly, they are beyond help by the time they are spotted but as always you try your best.   The reward is to see the Collared Dove doing well, what pretty birds they are.  

  • Bad news with the little Magpie, it is a wonder any youngsters grow to adults with the hard life they all have trying to avoid predation.

    The little collared dove is very sweet, glad to hear she will recover.

  • Liz has another CD of similar age and they will now have one another for company. Charlene has made herself at home and has been tucking in to the seed.

  • Poor little Bonzo, but lucky little Charlene and good that she has a new pal. Well done.

  • Good update MC.