Some people are beyond belief! "Seagull stamped on until its foot came off"


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Some people are beyond belief! "Seagull stamped on until its foot came off"

  • Seagull stamped on until its foot came off in 'extremely shocking' high street attack

    The RSPCA are investigating after a man grabbed the bird and killed it

    Horrified onlookers watched as a man grabbed a gull by its neck and stamped on it until its foot came off.

    The shocking incident happened in a shop doorway in Conwy, where a man thought to be in his 40s stood on the bird several times.

    When the bird’s foot came off, it reportedly crawled away and died.

    Following the incident on June 23, an RSPCA inspector attended to find blood on the pavement and the gull’s leg in the gutter. The rest of the body was not found.

    A local shopkeeper, who didn't wish to be named, said: "It was a horrible, horrible incident. The poor bird took a long time to die.

    The seagull was attacked in High Street in Conwy (Image: David Powell)

    "I hope this man is prosecuted for what he did, as it wasn't normal behaviour."

    It's understood a six-year-old boy was one of the witnesses to the horrific incident.

    A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "RSPCA Cymru can confirm that it received a call in June to report an extremely shocking incident on High Street, Conwy, where a man was witnessed grabbing a gull by its neck and also stood on the bird several times.

    "The bird’s foot came off and the gull reportedly crawled away and sadly died.

    "The RSPCA would like to thank those who have already come forward with information.

    "However, if anyone has further information about this incident, please can they call 0300 123 8018."

    It is an offence to injure or kill a wild bird under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and offenders can face an unlimited fine and/or six months imprisonment.

  • Absolutely sickening. The depravity of some people seems to know no bounds. Even if they catch and convict him he'll probably be let off with a warning.

  • What appalling behaviour but I wonder why someone didn't intervene when they witnessed it although I know these days you have to be cautious approaching some folk unless there are a group of people who can intervene.   Hopefully one of the shops will have CCTV footage if it was in the High Street and they can catch the culprit and imprison them but as Tony says, so often they only get a caution and wrap on the wrist.   Often these type of crimes on animals can lead to even more violence so hope he's found quickly.     It is sickening to core when you read of these horrendous acts.

  • I think the others have said it.

  • Hope they manage to find and throw the book at the criminal.  The culprit probably tore the legs off of ants and flies when he was a boy.  I've never understood how people can do things like that.  Having fallen in love with a tiny day-old duckling placed in my hands by my parents when I was probably just 4 or 5, I could never treat any animal like that man treated that poor Gull.

  • Absoutley disgusting, horrifying, and everything else, I can't find the words to express! Lock him up and throw away the key! I could not watch the video.