Double check the photos, its not always what you think


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Double check the photos, its not always what you think

  • Took this photo at Traigh beach on the west coast of Scotland near to Mallaig and thought I'd bagged a new species for my list, the left most bird in the water - small wader with a curved bill. I got the books out and started looking. My first thought was it was a curlew sandpiper.

    It wasn't until I got home and put the photo on the laptop and enlarged the image, that I realised it was a dunlin with a worm hanging from its bill

    I'll just have to try again to tick the curlew sandpiper from my list

  • Good point Martin,one advantage of modern photographic technology.

  • Isn't it just typical, when you want to get an ID on a bird, the beak and head is tucked into its plumage!

    Nice photo though.

    Incidentally, a bit of useless info, Mallaig isn't too far from Sandaig, which is where the author Gavin Maxwell lived. Gavin Maxwell wrote the fictional story "Ring Of Bright Water", a tale about an otter bought from a London pet shop, and after a while he moved to Scotland, a place called Camusfearna, which was based on Sandaig if I recall correctly.

    The book was made into a film (released 1969) of the same name.