The Goodbye


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The Goodbye

  • What can I say Osprey fans!  My heart is in my mouth and down at my feet !  :(         But, :)

    I am expecting the very very best for this wonderful family. The Girls have had the very best start in life. They are blessed as they have been such a blessing to us. Three new Ospreys to grace our world and Scotland in particular.

    I shall always remember my first sight of a very very handsome Osprey which Richard told us was named Odin.  I so hope one of us has a REALLY GOOD picture of Odin 'cos I didn't do so well in trying to grab images of him off the STILL camera to paste into Word, pop into Photoshop to change into a jpg image that I could more usefully use. (Hopefully with Richards OK - I just want it for myself, not going to do anything commercial with it or whatever).

    And I shall always remember that moment of epiphany when on that cold Scottish night EJ left the sleeping chicks in the nest (leaving me to give an internal gasp and wonder where she was going in the dark!)  to return with a 'baby blanket' of some flat organic material which she draped over baby Garten before settling to brood them all.

    Then there is .......The Girls . How beautiful Rothes is, how handsome Mallachie is, (yes,I know she's a she but somehow 'beautiful' isn't quite right) - so good looking, Mallachie, so good looking, and precious Garten, you are so, so attractive little one. But, of course, you are not little any more but grown and graceful. A family to be proud of indeed, EJ and Odin.

    I have a lump in my throat and my eyes are misty as I type this. So wish I was Dr Doolittle !!!    :)

    Au revoir  - till I see you ALL again - cherrio (not goodbye),


  • Is this who you are talking about? See

  • Oh Tiger ! I just had to have a blub. Sorry, But I am female !! Thank you, thank you, THANK you.

  • I don't suppose .......(taking a breath here) you have a good picture of EJ on her own? Also The Girls???????/

    Just in hope. Thanks Tiger.

  • Cirrus I am feeling more and more emotiional about our wonderful family.  Wonderful poems, the thoughts of all of us and the great crowd at LG who have kept our appetites wetted with all the blogs.  I too wish them well and hopefully the girls will return in 2-3 years time and EJ and Odin will get together next year.  I am sure that I am not the only one who has tears at the ready reading the blogs and watching (when they are there).  Everysighting now is just so precious.  As you say Au revoir and come back safely.

  • Gosh I am SO CONFUSED !!!!!  I thought this had been deleted !! Just don't understand why I couldn't locate it.

    My brain is ACHING from all the not understanding. Deep and heartfelt sigh.


    Thank you for your response Margobird. The empty nest of yesterday and today is 'obviously' there to really prepare us for the really 'empty nest'. Breakfast time (but too early for me) and supper time (about 21.00 I reckon) is our best chance to see any of the family. Hopefully, apart from hanging out in trees not available to the camera) Odin is teaching his girls to fish ,  :)

  • Hi Cirrus,

    If you go to your home page (click your username) you will see two thing. 1. Your recent activity 2. Your number of posts. By clicking the number of posts you bring up all your posts. You then can recover a thread that has slipped off the board by finding the post you want.

    Hope this helps.



  • You are right of course Cirrus Odin will be teaching the girls to fish but as yet I have not seen any of them.  I only managed to get a glimpse of one yesterday.  Terrible withdrawal symptoms.  Breakfast time is too early for me as well so will have to try and get on round about 21.00.  I have just spent 10 minutes watching the hobby in the New Forest feeding her ever growing chick.  She is a a beautiful bird and the chick (named Holly by the bloggers) is gorgeous.  Have you seen her?  Going to look in now and see if I can see our beautiful girls.

  • Tiger

    Hi Cirrus,

    If you go to your home page (click your username) you will see two thing. 1. Your recent activity 2. Your number of posts. By clicking the number of posts you bring up all your posts. You then can recover a thread that has slipped off the board by finding the post you want.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Tiger

    I have tried but neither my user name (Cirrus) nor my avatar click. Only  'edit profile' clicks . What didn't I do ?



  • Margobire, hi

    Did you catch the close up of an Ospsrey in a tree just very recently. It wasn't there long but I did a quick 'print screen' shot and dumped it into Word. I think it was Garten 'cos it definitely wasn't Mallachie (different front face) but I couldn't see any aerial 'cos of the tree bough so it might have been Rothes.

  • Hi Cirrus,

    It seems like you are already on your home page if you see "edit profile".

    There should be:

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  • Tiger - THANK YOU  friend. It must be just great to be computer literate.


    The camera hum died so I looked in on the live stream in wonder!! Oh boy. And found a Garten there (no back pack). She is REALLLY being thrown around by the wind. Just in case you don't know and give you a chance to liik in I'll post nowl

  • Hello Cirrus yes I did see one girl on the nest but couldn't make out who it was.  Just to see someone was a treat after the barren day yesterday. 

  • Hello.  I have just joined - what a privilege to be able to watch these wonderful birds.  I have also been watching the peregrine falcons in Brighton, so have had a summer of watching - through the wonders of the internet - activities I coulc only imagine before.

    Is it exceptional to raise 3 chicks successfully?

    I lived in Scotland in the 70's and remember taking my daughters to the Loch of the Lowes to see the ospreys there.  Watching them fish was just amazing.  My husband - a keen trout fisherman - was very envious of their success.

  • Sure was Margobird,


    We're havinvg a feast today . I left when the then current action was over to food shop and pay some bills and I'm sure you can imagine my joy when I return home and get online to be met by the glorious view of a Glorious Garten gulping down  a fish. (was hoping for some alliteration there but couldn't make it). Smile :)


    Are you my friend? If not will you be?