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A new Friend

  • Hi all,

    I thought I’d introduce you to a really nice little soul who
    has come into my life recently.

    Her name is Gyp and she is about six months old. She came to
    the farm where the sanctuary is situated as a trainee! She came from a rather
    rough farm some miles away where the dogs obviously get no attention but a
    swipe from a stick when they do something (such as living) that the farmer does
    not like. Poor little Gyp was terrified when she arrived so everyone at the Trust
    began to offer her love and cuddles. Although still inclined to cringe at loud
    noises or if anyone moves too sharply near her, she is settling down and is
    already starting to work with the sheep.

    She loves to come into our office for a love

    And a few tit bits!

    Isn't she pretty?


  • Gorgeous little hound!

  • So glad she has found a group of kind people and is getting such deserving care, well done Jenni, she is a beautiful dog

  • Jenni she's absolutely beautiful, I'm so sorry to hear she had a rough time. It's so lovely of you to care for her, well done :-)

  • We had a giant Airedale when I were a kid.It was called Gyp.Just hearing the name has brought back many fond memories.So edgebander sends his best wishes to Gyp & all who dote on her.

  • So pleased Gyp has found a loving home, will she stay with you Jenni?  I'm sure she will return the love 2 fold.

  • Maria
    will she stay with you Jenni?

    No Maria she will live at the farm where the Trust is based and work with the farmer there who treats his dogs well. However the three of us volunteers
    who have been making afuss of her will always be her "safe" people and our office a place where she can come for the softer bits of life. She adores the young dog, Colin, who belongs to one of us and the pair of them get up to all sorts of awfulness - you can get wonderfully mucky on a farm!!



  • What a lovely tale for a cold Friday evening!

  • Mm-mm. He thinks he's a blank sheet of paper waiting for something to be drawn on it!!

    Jenni :-))

  • It is good to offer a helping hand to those in distress and the rewards cannot be counted.



  • Brilliant, what a lovely dog, so pleased she has found a good home :)