Was browsing for field guides on my phone yesterday and discovered that the RSPB Handbook of British Birds is now available for the Kindle app!  So I bought it, wasn't overly impressed at the price as there isn't much difference between the kindle version and the hard copy but the advantages of having the guide on my phone (and the new version of the book as my hardcopy is the first edition version) pursuaded me to buy.  Had a flick through and it looks good, though can be a little bit slow at times, the text is a bit small on my phone (andriod thingy) but the pictures look great and I LOVE the new pages with pictures of the warblers on which makes it easier to compare similar looking birds which was really temptinng me to buy the latest version of the book in hardcopy.  Though I still probably won't be able to get my warbler ID's right!   The only thing I would say it could do with is an easy way to go straight to each group of birds, though the index at the back has links straight to the relevent page for each species.