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  • What a lovely step by step process to get to the beautiful painting at the end. Thanks

  • Glossy Ibis-


  • Beautiful!  You've really captured the sheen of its feathers.

  • Very nice indeed :-)

  • Great painting, talented man!

  • fabulous paintings - very inspiring - and lovely to see the stages :)

  • Hi

    I've been experimenting with different papers, bigger brushes and a looser feel to my watercolours


  • absolutely stunning work,  love the G.S.Woodpecker.

  • Gorgeous S, your experiment seems to be working well.

  • Very nice S.

  • I think it's not easy developing a more personal or looser style so congratulations  

  • Well whatever you are doing, it is most certainly showing in your work, a beautiful painting S, well done.

  • Here's a yellowhammer - had to chill out after a medical procedure today


  • Blimey.  I hope it went well.

    Beautiful yellowhammer, by the way!

  • Very nice painting S.