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  • Got my box out on a rainy day


  • Wow S that is fantastic, such detail, especially the eye.   I wish I could draw, it must give you a lot of pleasure.

    PS  What do you mean "rainy day" it has been glorious here for two days now.

  • Fantastic, S. Captures the character of the bird perfectly.

  • Hi-

    here's an experiment with different paper

    Then I decided it needed more contrast so I added more neutral tint


  • These are stunning Seymouraves, thank you for sharing with us.    You are truly gifted to be able to produce such beautiful pieces of artwork. 

  • Very classy, Seymour. I especially like the Garganey. Having been kicked out of art class after my first year at grammar school, I can only marvel.

  • Hi

    it rained all afternoon and blew a gale so I had another go


  • Love them.   You don't need a camera S

  • beautiful paintings S, a joy to behold.

  • These are just beautiful and they really capture the whole sense of the birds!

  • Absolutely beautiful Seymour, every little detail is perfection!   

  • I was out birding on the Norfolk coast a few years back and met a guy ( Ian King?) who was filming a How to paint watercolour landscapes TV series. Later I met another guy who was doing a local watercolour course in a local  village hall so I went along with my 30 year old metal watercolour paint box  I hadn't opened in decades and had a go.

    Basically these are pencil drawings with washes over the top.


  • Well, I think you should have a go more often.  Just don't leave it for another 30 years, please!

  • Wonderful work S. Do you do the full thing in the field?


  • These are terrific Seymouraves, you have a gifted tallent there.