Mixed Corn for Garden birds


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Mixed Corn for Garden birds

  • Hi all, advice please. Over the last few years I have had one or two pheasants visiting the bird table, that was okay as my 20kg premium bird seed lasted 1-2 months. This year I have Mr Percy and his wife and family and his mate and her family and the uncles and aunts!! Around 12 come and go and the bag is gone in no time. It cost £23, so today I had delivered a 20kg bag of mixed corn, costing £12.95 from Amazon.  It came from an equine company in England and I was actually surprised that the P&P was free. Ordered on Saturday and deliverd today, to the very top of Scotland. We are targeted up here for postage as we have the same KW postcode as Orkney, so trying to tell folk that we are not over the water! Sorry I divert, my question is this okay to be out for the garden birds to eat. Feeders have the usual feed, sunflower hearts, seed, Niger seed, peanuts fat balls. Mind of hard to feed the pheasants then the garden birds as they all feed together!

  • Hi Catlady

    Yes it's ok for the birds, because I feed a lot of birds both in my garden and out on my patch I use cheap food from my local pigeon feed suppliers, I get cheap wildbird food, split maize, black sunflower seeds and red millet and mix my own.

    Pheasants will love corn you may end up with a garden full lol.

  • Thanks Alan, it is slowly getting that way as it is!!

  • I know you are right up top but do you have anyone selling pigeon feed near you?

  • Not sure Alan, will look into it.

  • Hi Catlady, I agree with Alan as I use mixed corn too, and add sunflower hearts to it.   I put out straight sunflower in three or four feeders and then mix up the corn with hearts for another three feeders.   All goes fast and the birds don't complain.:-)   I get my poultry corn from the local Farm Supplies and it is only about £8 for 20kg, suits me as I get through that amount each fortnight and even more in the winter.