Hello to you all!


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Hello to you all!

  • It's great to be here and i'm looking forward to chatting with you all. I've just moved to North Notts, if anyone knows any good walks in the area I would love to hear about them.
  • Welcome from sunny Rochdale, Two for Joy, and I am sure there will be someone to help you with your walks in North Notts.


  • Hello from Edinburgh - hope you enjoy the forum :)

  • Welcome to the community two for joy I'm between worksop and sheffield, whereabouts in North Notts are you?

  • Thanks Alan, its nice to hear from you.  I'm in Worksop, the Carlton in Lindrick end of town

  • I'm in Kiveton park which is just off the A57 heading towards jtn31 of the M1.

    One nice walk is the chesterfield canal which runs through worksop,  you can go one way right to the trent or the other towards me and then onto chesterfield.

    Depends what sort of walking you like to do.

  • I used to pass through Kiveton Park on the train each day when I was still commuting to Sheffield, there looks to be a nice footpath off there, is it worth investigating?  Thanks for your suggestion of the canal, I walked a short section of it a little while back, from Worksop to just past Turner Wood Lock. It was a sunny day and I was lucky to see a grass snake swimming in the canal.  Any walking near water or woodlands is my preference, especially if it ends with tea and cake!  

  • Straight off the train at kiveton bridge is my patch which was the old colliery and now kiveton community woodland with a lovely cafe nearby, most of the old colliery sites in the area have been turned into lovely walks.

    There is also Rother valley country park and a train change in sheffield gets you out on the moors in the peak district.

  • That's sounds good, I will try to fit it in this weekend.  Thanks for the ideas, I have been busy with the new house and finding a new job all summer but now I have time to explore at last!

  • Map of my patch thelandtrust.org.uk/.../kiveton-community-woodland

    Any questions just ask everyone is really helpful on here.

  • That certainly seems to be the case, I am feeling quite at home already.  Thanks again Alan

  • Welcome to the forum, from Mitcham in Surrey.

  • Hello Two for Joy, welcome from me too in Cheshire;  nice to have you aboard the forum and looking forward to hearing about your walking and wildlife adventures.    

  • Hi TfJ, and a warm welcome from me in central Scotland.

  • Hello TfJ and welcome from me down south in the Thames Valley. Look forward to hearing more about your wildlife adventure.

    In the meantime here's two for joy.

    Well, we wouldn't one for sorrow would we. LOL