Goldcrest of Firecrest?


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Goldcrest of Firecrest?

  • I have a couple of new visitors to my garden conifers and I can't decide if they are Gold or Firecrests? How do I distinguish the difference? They are so busy and chatty - beautiful! Is there any particular foods I can put out to encourage them to stay
  • Hi Lesley welcome to the community.

    Have a look here at a few Firecrest photos where you will see the facial markings

    I'll find you some Goldcrest ones.

  • Here is Bob's photo of a pair of Goldcrests

  • Thanks Alan. -  I'm now sure they are firecrest.  They are the most gorgeous little creatures.  They are very busy in the conifers -not sure if they are nesting?  Been around for about 4 days - seem to be getting on well with my family of blue tits but the blackbirds is another story - seems to be lot of chasing by the blackbirds going one!

  • One keeps flirting with his /her own reflection in the shed window!  I'll try and get a photo.....

  • Good luck in getting a photo Lesley you might want to consider covering up the shed window, the bird is attacking its own reflection thinking it's a rival, they can hurt themselves.

  • Thanks for the tip Alan.  I've just up a 'curtain' over the shed window.  They are very speedy so yes I will need some luck to get a decent photo :)