Pigeon with injured leg


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Pigeon with injured leg

  • Thie bird is limping badly, has possibly a cord round it’s lower leg. I live in Ealing W54HB. Can anyone help. It could be caught as very tame, but I wouldn’t know how to keep bird still ( this bird rather old too) Thank you
  • Hi Pauline,   Sorry to hear bout the injured bird;      The Starlight Trust are a good place to start in finding help for the injured Pigeon, we have a forum member on here who rescues lots of pigeons and uses Starlight Trusts help medically and to rehabilitate them,  he would usually answer this post but is away until later this afternoon so try this link to contact them either by phone, email or their social media pages    HERES THE LINK     Hope this helps, good luck and thanks for caring enough to ask for help.

    post edit:    If you are nearby the pigeon and as you say tame enough to capture,   you could perhaps use a cardboard box (with sufficient air holes) or  borrow a pet carrier like is used for small cats and dogs and place a clean duster or cloth in the base of it for the bird to give it some grip in the box and place a small bowl of water in there.    The trust will probably arrange for someone to collect the pigeon from you.  

    Try (after 10am)......     Phone: 0844 586 8634

  • Thank you very much for the info.

  • You are very welcome Pauline, hope the pigeon makes a good recovery, they can often get their feet entwined which can cut off the blood flow;  once again, thanks for taking the time to get help for it as a lot of people would walk on by.

  • Hello Pauline, I hope you managed to get the pigeon into a box okay. Were you able to get any help? Excellent advice from Hazel. As she said many would not even look, let alone try to help, so well done.

  • Hello Hazel, haven’t  managed to catch it but have a pic which shows misshapen foot. Can I send it on this forum? Thank you.

  • Hi Pauline,  here's an excellent link to Alan's help  on how to post up photos    HERE    

    If you have any problems just shout and one of us will try assist you.  

  • I have an iPad Pro and have managed to show a pic a couple of years ago. Even with the full instructions could not work it out today. I have though  posted a pic on Facebook if you have time to look at it/ Thank you so much.

  • Hi Pauline,   I don't have Facebook account so cannot access your photos without signing in or creating account.    Not sure if others on here have uploaded from their iPads and can assist you in the process.      The way I would do it is to download the photos off your iPad on to your computer and then follow Alan's thread on how to post up photos here.   Maybe someone with iPad can help if they see this.

    Did you manage to contact Starlight Trust for help ?

  • Hi Pauline, I have FB account but do not know which one is you?

  • WendyBartter
    I have FB account but do not know which one is you?

         Pauline is the lady from Ealing  Wendy;   I can't open photos without account or logging in.

  • I can't either aitch but have sent Pauline a message so that I can download a pic for here!

  • Hi Pauline, I use my pad almost all the time, and can attach photos from the ipad into a post. Make sure you have set the top box, in the settings and advanced options, to enhanced, and save it, click use rich formatting in the reply box, tap the white box where you want to add the photo and text, click the little TV on the top line of little icons, click browse and you should see options of where you have the photos on you iPad, pick the photo you want and it will appear in the middle box, if it is too big you can change the numbers in the two boxes above the photo, click insert. It should now be showing in the first white box, you can add text above or below the photo by tapping the box again. Good luck.

    I should he said mine is an Apple ipad.

  • I was delighted to receive so much help and interest and want to thank you all. I tried 2 times to catch the pigeon but it evaded me, think it has lost trust now and has disappeared.

  • That's a shame Pauline, hope it will be okay.