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Hello hello

  • I don't think I've got this right. I want this to end up with everyone else's 'Hello'.


    So, hello to you all. Anyone heard from tish or Karen?

  • Hello Cirrus...you have got it right. Tish and Karen are probably still trying to get logged on.

    It has taken me ages. It is great to be back in 'touch' with everyone again and to see OUR OSPREYS.

    So, hello, hello, hello!!!!




  • Hello Maureen. See you overcame the hurdles and got back in.

  • Hi Tiger, I think it is more by luck than intelligence that I found my way back.

    I am now looking forward to seeing our wee family tomorrow. Speak to you soon and thanks for letting me know that my post didn't get lost in cyberspace.

  • I'm not sure what  'be my friend' is all about but I am now friends with alicat so, Maureen, how about being my friend? I have no idea how to put you in my friend list but if you agree I'll experiment around. I had an email by community centre saying alicat wanted to be my friend and I said yes and clicked on a link but I've no idea how to instigate the process. Or how to carry it on !!!!

  • Hi Citrus No I didn't see Odin delivering fish but from the blog yesterday he seems to be surpassing himself and the girls are doing their meals proud.  Was lucky enough to see them all yesterday when it seemed they were always eating.  Still fumbling my away round but hope to get used to it,  Much more to read now as  I don't want to miss anything so am looking at everything.  What on earth are we gong to do when th girls leave.

  • Hello again Cirrus and so sorry I spelt your name wrong.  Have a good weekend.

  • Margobird. So glad you are Margobird again :). You have a good weekend too. My hiking friend is enjoying a family birthday celebrations today so feel 'lost' when I should be out in the great outdoors. Finding my way around the new site instead. (didn't even notice a mis spelling ! I'm sure it was a typo anyway!)

  • Testing out my old username which I have now managed to recover.

  • Hello everyone! Haven't posted much on here but read the blogs & am active on other forums, so just popping in to say hi to you all - keep watching!

  • Hi Jane - I'm still around!!  Hope you're all well.   I see Tish has posted some comments on the last update.  I'm sure she'll get to the forum in her own time.

    I would just like to say Hello to everyone.  It is great to be on-line again !!

    Just now I'm not posting much as I've got really bad hands and they're playing up just now.  So I'm quite content watching the nest and reading your comments which really cheer me up.

    Maureen - I laughed reading "Three Little Birds" had got into your head too.  It really is a catchy tune.  

    I'll get around this site later and see to friends, pictures etc but for now everyone - bye  :-)





  • Hello Karen - great to have you around again . It's all a bit mind boggling to start with and there are still 'issues' which need ironing out (like not being able to upload photos to our 'own pages' and the general gallery but I'm sure the gremlins willl be ousted soon. I find the main blog still the best with us all adding our own 'bit's in the comment box. I'm dreading EJ going -  hope Odin helps his daughters out with fishing lessons. Welcome aboard. What is it with your hands? NOT arthritis I trust !!!!!   That just has to be the pits..