Hi everyone!!!


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Hi everyone!!!

  • I  suppose I am new member (though joined last year) as I had not posted anything before now!

    currently on holiday in cornwall and though its poor weather, I have  just enjoyed some fantastic views of  a group of Ravens in the field across the road from our cottage. Absolutely tremendous birds...they absolutely dwarf the crows who are trying their best to share their lunch of rabbit.  The ravens not having any of it....even scaring off the  Buzzard who had it first (he was magnificent too...)

    Anyway, good to be here and look forward to posting some more!


  • Welcome Charles - wot is the 1056 all about ?   You just CAN'T be that old !!!!    :)

    My first sight of ravens was on the top of Great Gable some years ago . Dartmoor also has ravens.  And I saw a buzzard land on a roundabout island in the middle of a VERY very busy thoroughfare -  M32/ ring round in Bristol only the other day !!

    Enjoy the rest of your hol.



  • Hi Cirrus thanks for the reply!

    you are right I am not that old...thank goodness...but it does have a birthday link....10 refers to the date and 56 combines the year and month....:-)

    I lived in Bristol for 22 years after going there to college! It is a great city to live in and has so much great countryside just outside, mendips, cotswolds, forest of dean across the severn, somerset levels, etc.

    Closest I saw a buzzard to the city though was up near Dyrham Park.

    Take care...





  • WELCOME CHARLES.........you are going to have a great time on this site. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. What we learn from each other (especially me) is first class.

    The Admin. staff are the best!!!!! :o)

    Again welcome!

  • Thanks Maureen, good to hear from you.

    I have been reading the blogs for the last 18 months and its seems everyone is so friendly.

    take care!


  • Welcome Charles1056 sorry to hear you are not having very good weather in Cornwall.    This site is so good and the ospreys so magnificent. 

  • Hi sorry its taken me so long to reply! thanks for your message. Back at work in Sandy now and thankfully its considerably drier!! :-)

    I agree the site is great and those Ospreys just amazing. I have had the pleasure of seeing them on two occasions at Loch Garten and also saw the pair at Glaslyn in North Wales. Just stunning.

    Hope you are well