Sadly it seems that Marshside car park at Southport now has signs saying no overnight parking , this has happened even though people have been using the area ( by the beach/sea) for over 30 years ! .Despite the sign boy racers were seen at midnight doing hand brake turns ,and parking up , drove past at 3 am after work 4 cars parked up. Its become a sad state of affairs ,and it seems to be the management has got greedy/uncaring ,many of the motorhomers who use it ( mainly family's wanting to visit the reserve ) at the least use to be a good deterrent for fly tippers and many use to keep an eye out for the staff .etc . Well now any night photography is out of the question,I think a campaign is about to start , its OK for over 100 cars with people walking dogs to visit even though they are not interested in birds ( well most ) , Southport is fast becoming a place of prison rule style restrictions ,I think I will not be donating next year, why for what ?, restrictions on nature totally the opposite of what RSPB is trying to promote , What right does the RSPB have to stop people using an area used by fishermen /public for years ? ,I've just spoke to friends coming over from Newby Bridge but after telling them about the latest restrictions they are cancelling there membership ,in the meantime we are contacting the headquarters in Bedford about the matter as it seems like the management are taking the law into there own hands . Another nail in the coffin of doomed trade ,I suggest anyone wanting to visit in a motorhome /camper consider another area the place is going down hill rapidly, many people (especially any with campers or motorhomes ) are not being made welcome in this part of the resort , they seem blind to the fact that not everyone chooses a car to use as there method of transport . The sad thing is the car park is now a sitting target for fly tippers , dossers and other types of going on . Sorry this is all a little gloomy but when you are a willing donation sharer and have put many £s into nature you don't expect to be treated like this .