Please take 20 minutes this weekend to email Wirral Borough Council (David Ball, Head of Planning) and Cheshire Wildlife Trust. They are meeting on the 18th January, as part of the Local Wildlife Sites Partnership to discuss designating Gilroy Scrape and the surrounding area as a Local Wildlife Site / Site of Biological Importance. A report was sent to Wirral BC by MEAS (Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service) in 2009 advising that the Scrape and the Langfields meet the criteria for designation as a SBI. So far, Wirral BC have dragged their feet over implementing this designation. Sites are are identified, selected, monitored and protected through the Local Wildlife Sites Partnership. Cheshire Wildlife Trust administers the system on behalf of partners which includes the Council and Natural England. If the site was given SBI / Local Wildlife Site Status it will be a massive boost in the campaign to stop the site being developed. Hope the RSPB are making representations over this matter?