Something Different Part 2


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Something Different Part 2

  • We arrived on the east coast of NZ today at kaikoura almost 12 mths after the last earthquake, with a somewhat longer route than normal. Apologies for poor quality of the pics but taken on iTouch as still can't get camera to talk to iPad.

    This is the new land around a headland that raised the previous sea edge up a meter, up close you can see it looks like old dried mud from the seabed. Apparently the area is now 4 mts nearer Wellington, how scary is that?? After a 7.8mag quake?!

    It is also where a local fur seal colony beach, one of the locals

    A distant pair of black backed or kelp gulls.

    I was going for the red billed gulls in the foreground 'onest on this one but was distracted by a cold beer!

    Doing my dolphin impersonation tomorrow & doning a wetsuit, I may or may not share any pics of that could be looking like a beached whale

  • NZ certainly has stunning scenery and wildlife Tony and glad to see you are continuing to travel around such lovely areas, now in the south island.   It is some years ago that we visited Christchurch but I do remember a trip to Hanmer Springs and the stunning  backdrop everywhere as we drove.   The people too were very friendly and welcoming so keep having fun (including a cold beer ! )  and thanks for the update as the scenery brings back some pleasant memories for us.    

  • Fabulous looking scenery, Tony. Sipping a cold beer whilst looking at the snow capped mountains sounds pretty good to me.

    Look forward to seeing your wildlife photos when you get home. Shame you can't get the camera to talk to the iPad. Technology eh!

  • Nice update Tony, have a lovely day with the Dolphins, let's see the pictures!

  • Fantastic scenery Tony, thanks for posting - go on be brave and post some of the Dolphin trip tomorrow.

  • Hi All, can't believe anther 2 days have gone by, now in Christchurch just for the night.

    As I'm posting this you can assume we survived the dolphin swim, sorry no pics under strict orders from dear pics or I'm dead meat. And yes it was not a pretty sight, looked like a liquorice assort with yellow feet.

    It was a fab experience swimming with Dusky Dolphin, they are less than 2mt long and very inquisitive & playful, very acrobatic, there were about 50 of them swimming around the boat, saw about 6 circling me at one time, Jaws came to mind, wish I had a GoPro now. It was very tiring for an old un like me but just amazing, have not swum for about 8yrs or used a snorkel for 20yrs. We also saw a few Royal Albatross in the distance, too far for decent pic, have lots of the dolphin from the boat.

    Also saw banded dotterel, spurwinged plover, variable oystercatchers ( very strange these ones, they can be all black or mostly black with scruffy white patches on breast), South Island oystercatcher (rather like ours but with white shoulders and breast) silvereye (very small), royal spoonbill and black fronted terns in the past two days plus pied stilt & spotted shag & whitefaced heron.

    Going to see blue penguins in a day or so( not sure but maybe they're just very cold).

    NZ answer to bhg's the local thugs red billed gulls, make as much noise and will take your food if you not carefu.

    In the "U" of the dead tree is a whitefaced heron, don't blow the pic up it is rubbish, find one online.

    One of the local Norfolk Pine trees, very defined shape and growt.

    A close up of a branch, all the shoots seem to grow from one spot.

    Thats it for now time to turn to dinner and is it red or white tonight?

  • Oh well at least you enjoyed the dolphin visit, lovely to see the different greenery.

  • Well done on snorkeling after that break, but being surrounded by dolphin must have made any nerves disappear.   Good luck with the blue penguin!!

  • tony
    looked like a liquorice assort with yellow feet.

        lol Tony,   glad you  are continuing to have a good time and seeing all the fabulous wildlife and scenery,  great pics and hope the rest of your tour goes as well.    

  • Just came across your thread Tony, and Wow your on the opposite side of the world and I can still hear you lol

    you can assume we survived the dolphin swim, sorry no pics under strict orders from dear pics or I'm dead meat

    That’s a shame but one must be obeyed and its not nice looking a dead meat :)

    Wow, would love to swim with any Dolphin’s but there is no way I could have got in the water now or they would have been looking for me at the bottom of the ocean.

    Going to see blue penguins, never heard of them hope you get some pictures to show when you get back home and all the other wildlife Tony, will catch upi with your post later got some work to do here.

    Hope your holiday is as productive as the last few day good luck and get as many pictures as you can looking forward to them.


  • Thanks all for your comments, the dolphin swim really was an amazing experience, they were so close. Look out for part 3 coming to a blog near you soon. Local weather is so changeable, Kaikoura 25C two days later & 250km further south with 12C and snow about 100km away.