Nesting House Martins - Help Needed


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Nesting House Martins - Help Needed

  • Have large 12 x 25 shed with one door. Birds have started nesting late yesterday and busy this morning. They enter the only door which I need to shut when out as there is very expensive tools and equipment in there. I don't want them to lose their nest site as I absolutely adore these birds and their chattering. Should I close the door and let them look elsewhere now, or have to leave my tools etc open to all and sundry? Please advise asap George P
  • Hi George.

    Is there any way you could make an opening at the top of one of the doors for them to get in?

  • Alan

    Thanks for asking.  Answer is no.  Its a standard size single shed door.  I was thinking of the area just above the door, but there is a 6x2 support there for a mezzanine.  I keep looking but see no sign of a nest yet.  They keep showing the area off to their friends, so sometimes 5 or 6 birds together.

    I hate to lock them out as they've had a hell of a journey to get to Africa and back.  I'd have them all over the outside of my house, but the nests keep falling off the wall.

    I love watching them and listening to their chatter.  Look for them going and returning every year.

    If no sign on nesting materials tonight I have to lock up as I leave again in the morning as I work away.  I may have to see if I can put an entry point in for them for next year

  • You could try these George for the house

  • When I read this earlier, I assumed it was swallows. They're often mistaken. Not sure there's been examples of house martins nesting inside sheds. If it is house martins, I am pretty sure you'll be fine closing the door.