Great white herons


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Great white herons

  • Hi

    I live on Gower in South Wales, and for the last couple of years I have been watching great white herons on LLanrhidian Marsh (North Gower).

    I wondered if anyone else has spotted these birds and if they may be nesting here?


    (New member)

  • Hi Neil welcome to the community from Sheffield.

    I assume when you say Great White Herons you mean either Little Egrets or Great White Egrets?

  • Hi Alan

    Definitely not little egrets, we have got loads of them !!

    Great white egrets or great white herons as some call them.


  • I've been googling GWE on Gower Neil and cannot find anything mentioned about them nesting but I suspect if any are the relevant people IE RSPB or Wildlife trust in the area could be keeping it quiet.

  • As Alan said, great white egrets. There are great white herons in existence across the Atlantic.

    They are spreading North and do breed not that far away, so possible in South Wales. I don't think it would be publicised if they did start breeding there though. At least, not until either after the breeding season, or until established.

  • Hi again Alan

    I stand corrected.

    The locals are wrongly calling them great white herons.

    They are great white egrets.

    Thanks for that