Advice on trip to Scotland


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Advice on trip to Scotland

  • Hello! I'm heading up to Scotland in August. Just wondered if anyone had any tips of things to try and see? We are staying on the banks of Loch Awe, so anything around 1-2 hours drive from there would be good. Thanks!
  • Hi Pete I've posted a link back to this thread over on the Loch Garten Osprey group because I know a few of them are from up in Scotland.

  • Thanks, Alan. Appreciated! Look forward to seeing any responses.

  • Hi Pete no-one on the Osprey thread knows the area well but Diane in Indiana has posted this link for you just in case you haven't seen it

  • Thanks, Alan! Very much appreciated.

  • Hi, WildlifePete and Alan:

    I've read that there are several active osprey nests near Loch Awe, so you might want to ask the folks on this thread if they have any helpful information for you. HERE

    I don't know how many people who use that thread live in Scotland, but they may have visited to see the osprey. That thread is dedicated solely to osprey info. Have a nice holiday!

  • Thank you, Diane! We're really looking forward to our trip.

  • I'm not familiar with the area, Pete, but I believe that there are Black Guillemots which nest in the harbour wall at Oban. Also it may be worth looking at a day trip over to Mull where there‚Äôs always a chance of Golden and White-tailed Sea Eagles.

  • +1 for a trip from Oban to Mull.  There is often a trip that takes you across Mull to visit Iona and Staffa to give you some variety

  • Make sure  you take some good insect repellent to ward off the infamous Scottish midges. The little blighters have a habit of getting everywhere. I would suggest you try and get hold of some Smidge. It's formulated to ward then of

    That way you can enjoy our Scottish bird and wildlife

  • We have just got back fron a trip a little further north based in the Abernathy area where we had several Osprey sites.We visited both Strathcarron and the Findhorn valley with raptors in mind and had good views of Golden Eagle and Merlin as well as many Buzzards. A good O.S. map would be usefull and for raptor watching in the valleys a scope would be a great help as well as loads of patience. Brilliant part of the world and last time we were at Loch Awe there were both Red and Black Throated divers in thw area and Osprey nesting over the water from the visitor centre.

  • Thanks everyone! Much appreciated. I'll stock up on the midge spray, the little blighters love me!

  • In the past we have found the Scottish Flying Brigade do not like a wind so on bad "midgey" days we have tried to head for the moorland/hill area as there is usually a bit of a draught uphill that blows the little beggars off. We bothy tried using mosquito mesh hoods but as well as looking a right prawn in the hoods it was difficult to look through binoculars.

  • Thanks, Pete! I might have to look at packing some sort of industrial fan in that case then!

  • Make sure the cable is long enough to reach the power plug back at the hotel !! Enjoy Scotland and tell us all about your adventures.