I'm thrilled to add a Fieldfare to my list of garden visitors. As I've never seen one before, I'm quite excited! I first noticed him as an unidentifiable tail-end, flying swiftly away from me last week, but he's just been out in full view pecking around on the ground at some chopped up apple and meal worms - enabling me to have a good look at  him with the binoculars and identify this handsome chap!

I've also spent a happy 10mins watching a Goldfinch eating from a feeder filled with a goldfinch mix i bought specially for him. I only ever see a lone goldfinch - does anyone know if they are a lone bird? I would of thought they were like the greenfinches and bull finches i get in little family groups? Any ideas how to attract more? They are such a lovely bird, and so small!

Many thanks for the replies i got to my last post, being a newbie bird watcher and also new to this forum. They were very helpful and you all made me feel very welcome. I only wish i could spend more time on here 'talking' to you all!

Oh, and any advice on a resonably priced camera, and what kind of lens I'd need if i wanted to take up bird photography?

Em x